#Preorder Blood’s Song – Coming 3/17!

Look what’s being re-released (by me) on March 17! This is book #1 in my YA/NA paranormal romance series where love is not limited by race, gender, or time. Book #2 coming this summer!

Title: Blood’s Song
Author: Tempeste O’Riley
Series: House Miller, #1
Publisher: Geas Publications
Release Date: March 17th, 2021
Formats: eBook, Print, Audio

Even in darkness, love lights the way.

Anya awakens alone and afraid in a new world soaked with blood and terror. The only things she knows for certain are her name and that humans are precious.

Unwilling to give in to her hungers, she sets her feet upon a path of discovery, searching for clues to her forgotten past. Along the way she runs headlong into the unimaginable world of the undead and the waiting arms of Nicholas, a fearless nocturnal defender searching for his love, lost in eternity.

Into their midst stumbles Declán, a young, natural-born vampire hunter and Guardian whose passion for Anya is only matched by his draw to Nicholas. His arrival could mark the end of their tale, or with the gift of Anya’s blood kiss, it might bring about the beginning of a new chapter for them all.

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