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Welcome LE Frank & The Dirty Dozen Blog Hop

“Dirty Dozen blog hop – 12 GRL Authors – 12 Question Q&A – 12 e-book giveaway”

Hello my loves! Today is a special day for me. Today my anthology Turn The Page…. released (see other post, lol) and I have the wonderful LE Franks visiting me. Each year the Dirty Dozen gears up for GRL and we have a blast both before and at GRL. We’re “dirty”, what’s not to love, right? Winking smile

This year, each author came up with a question and we all took turns answering them, so it’s an interview that’s fun and informative, lol. So, let’s get started!

Thank you LE for visiting me today. It’s a very special day and you just make it all the more so….

Tams – If you could spend the day with one of your characters, which one would it be, and why?

My vegan squirrel shifter Jamie – I’d probably make him shift over and over again while I eat the peanut butter and fresh strawberry sandwiches he made for us… that sh*t would never get old.

Jeff – What are you working on currently and what’s it’s inspiration?

I’m working of The Art of Pie – inspired by a childhood of summers visiting my grandparents in Gold Beach Oregon. It’s a story of summer boyhood friends separated when they’re eleven, then meeting up again twenty years later, the town and Oregon coast feature heavily in the story.

Wade – If the lead character in your current novel were to read your other books, which one would be his/her favorite and why?

Nick Valentine would get a kick out of my short “Of Nuts And Men” – he’d relate to the craziness of my Squirrel shifter Jamie and he’d particularly like how I refer to his adoptive clan of big cats as the “Frat Boys of the shifter world”.

Jake – If all of your MCs were thrown into a strange and dangerous world where survival relies on ingenuity, creativity, common sense who would come out on top?

Gotta tip the evolutionary hat to the wolf shifters – they have twice the resources and are habitually cranky enough to keep on fighting – so my bet would be on Carlo Montefiori – from Prodigal Wolf (co-written with Sara York). Of course he’d be dragging along his crush Angelo, the alpha wolf spending his time as a marine so if they can stop bitching each other out they’d be unstoppable.

Brandon – What musician or album do you think people should listen to as they read your work because it fits the soul of your words (either a specific title or your writing in general)?

U2’s No Line on The Horizon – I could listen to that album on repeat forever…

Morticia – If you could be one of your characters and live their life, who would it be and why?

In my new WIP – The Art of Pie – I’d love to step into the shoes of Finn Tolliver – he’s a renowned artist, has inherited an apartment in Paris and is madly in love with his boyhood crush. I had some very hot crushes in my day….

Tempeste – If you could be a fruit, any fruit, which would you be and why?

I’d be a kiwi. Strangely in need of a shave on the outside, deliciously tart on the inside, and with just a touch of sweet to bring you back for more.

Jordan – What is the thing you enjoy most about gatherings like GRL?

It might be a cliché but true… it’s that moment when I walk through the lobby doors and am greeted by my tribe – a group of like-minded, lovely men and women coming together to celebrate gay romance. It’s like coming home.

LE Franks – What is the most vivid romantic moment from any film that has lingered the longest and meant the most to you…. and why?

The first kiss between Tom Cruise & Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire – it was a perfect moment on screen and it hit me for the first time that as a newlywed – my days for first kisses was likely over. It stuck with me.

K-Lee – If you could take any fictional couple or character (television, movies, real-life, books) and add them to one of your books, who would it be and why?

Wow. Such a tough question K-Lee… It would have to be Uncle Duke from the Doonesbury comic strip – I’d love to have him hanging out in the 6 Days Frisson bar drinking martinis, and plotting insurrections of third world dictatorships along with Carmen and Nick, while FatBoy tries to keep a lid on things.

AE – What kind of quirky habits do you have before or during the time you write?

I find some annoying pop song, stick my headphones in and listen it on repeat for hours. It’s the only thing that blocks out the ambient noise of teenage-dom. Sort of like fighting fire with fire.

Alexa – When you write, do your characters hijack the story, or do you keep a tight grip on the reins?

My first story was totally hijacked. FatBoy, the main interest in 6 Days to Valentine was really only supposed to be the bouncer – he just muscled his way into the main action. Characters…what can you do?



6 Days to Get Lucky
(Sequel to 6 Days to Valentine)

Mixologist Nick Valentine never thought love was in the cards, but after a scorching Valentine’s Day kiss from bouncer Davis "FatBoy" Newman, he’s beginning to think it’s possible. After four weeks of dry spell, Nick’s losing patience–it’s time FatBoy stop acting the gentleman and just throw him over the bar or Nick may just change his mind.

All FatBoy wants is a shot at winning Nick’s heart. As long as meddling bosses, an Irish hurling team and a bar riot don’t ruin his chances forever, he might just get lucky and take the man of his dreams, home.


Wilde City Press




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LE Franks lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, one teenager, and two cats bent on world domination while she writes about gay men in pursuit of love. Her stories are a unique mix of humor and drama with enough suspense to produce fast paced stories filled with emotion and passion, and featuring characters that are quirky and complicated and sometimes a little bit dark.

LE is a best selling author and finalist for 2013 & 2014 Rainbow Awards, and contributing author to Semper Fidelis, 3rd place winner for Best LGBT Anthology 2015 from both Divine Magazine Awards and Goodreads MM Romance Group Members Choice Awards. Her books are available through her publishers at MLR Press, Dreamspinner Press, Wilde City Press, and Pride Publishing, and through online booksellers everywhere.

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