You Are Perfect Just As You Are.
Because Love Sees No Gender.™

Today is National #ComingOutDay…

Pansexual • Genderfluid • Activist • Fighter

Drag Nun • Lover • Author • Parent • Friend

Today is National #ComingOutDay and I would like to officially restate that I am #genderfluid, a form of #transgender, and #pansexual, what I refer to as people-sexual as I don’t care what bits you have, if they all match, what you were born with, how you present… I only care about the person you are. If I’m attracted, then I am. Period.

Even in 2017, it’s hard to be out, proud, and open …thanks to the hate, lies, fear, and bigotry… and that comes from the media, our governments, our families, many faiths, etc. But if we stand strong and together, we can prevail, we can make changes, and we can find our authentic selves. I hope for each of us to find our true self and our true equal/s.

Never give up, my loves!