Jan 23

Thursday Tasters: Desires’ Guardian

Welcome to the Thursday Tasters. Here you will find links to some awesome tasters of works written by awesome authors. Find the other tastes HERE

Today’s Taste is from my submitted manuscript, Desires’ Guardian. DG is the story of Chase and Rhys, whom you first met in Designs of Desire.

Danni Burns, James’s seven-year-old stepdaughter, and Rhys sat on a blanket in a glade dotted with small flowers, near a gently winding brook, having tea. Rhys in his biker leather and Danni in one of her lavender princess dresses. Mrs. Rainbow—her beloved pastel, tie-dyed bunny in a tiny white and green Irish dancing dress with miniature black Mary Janes on—sat between the two.

“So, what do you think?” James asked Chase as he joined him before what was secretly one of his favorite paintings of his show. The gallery show had opened about an hour earlier, but the two men hadn’t had much time together to discuss what images would be shown. Honestly, the fact there was such a family feel to part of the images, as opposed to James’s usual erotic content, surprised him.

“I think you caught the mischief and sweetness of Danni beautifully.” In truth, he was in awe of how James managed to capture their inner-selves so beautifully. In his opinion, it was one of James’s best paintings. The gentle giant and his precious little sprite. “But why did you pair her with Rhys of all people. He’s so…” Chase trailed off, caught again by the beautiful masculinity before him.

“Powerful? Handsome? Gentle?” James raised an eyebrow at Chase and smiled. “I honestly wish you would tell me why all the animosity between you two,” he added, voice soft.


Chase is outwardly a party-boy twink, or at least that’s what many think when they first meet him. Actually, Chase is a loyal friend with deep wounds that only his BFF knows anything about. When he meets Rhys things don’t go well, but he can’t shake the attraction for the huge, sexy man.

  Rhys Sayer is a man of contradictions and fear—a strange combination for a PI and bodyguard. When he first lays eyes on Chase Manning, he’s not in a good place emotionally and causes any possible future together to go poof, maybe. Rhys is not a complicated man, he doesn’t think so at least. But he fears the very type of relationship he desires, and even worse, Chase is his dream man in more ways than one!

  Can Chase move past his hidden pains to truly let a man into his heart in the forever kind of way? Can Rhys win over the whiley Chase and teach him that love and trust are his to grasp?

About the author


Tempeste O’Riley grew up in the deep south and escaped her conservative, oppressive roots as soon as she could. Tempe is an out and proud omnisexual/bi-woman whose best friend growing up had the courage to do what she couldn’t – defy the hate and come out. He has been her hero ever since.

Though new to writing M/M, she has done many things in her life but writing has always drawn her back – no matter what else life has thrown her way. She counts her friends, family, and Muse as her greatest blessings in life.


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  1. Decadent Kane

    Great taster- the dialogue is realistic and i was there with your characters in the setting.

    1. TempeO

      Thanks for stopping by, Decadent :c) (love the name)
      I’m hoping to have DG out later this year, so stay tuned

  2. karahuntington

    So sweet!

    1. TempeO

      Thanks, Kara :c)

  3. Naomi Shaw

    Great taster. Love your visuals. So believable

  4. diannehartsock

    Very sweet scene! I can see why that painting would be Chase’s favorite. *winks* I think he’d love anything with Rhys in it.

  5. michellehowardwrites

    Chase and the hot bad boy in leather. perfect!!

  6. Theresa

    Well done nice descriptions of characters and good dialog… will be interested to see whaer they lead and what happens with the softer side… hugs T

    1. TempeO

      Thanks :c) This is from Ch 1 and if you hang in there, this story will be out later this year (I hope). I loved writing Chase and Rhys’ story.

  7. pablomichaels

    Great interaction between the characters. Good descriptions too.

    1. TempeO

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Pablo!

  8. Wildfire8470 (aka @DePlume19 @AuthorKarann)

    Fabulous piece! I’m sucked in. I must know the whole story!

  9. Muffy Wilson

    I really enjoyed this very believable scene. Wonderful visuals, descriptions…”glade”… and dialogue. Great setting, a tea party with huge men and a princess with a rabbit. Loved it 🙂 xo

  10. Rosie M.

    Is this the second or third in the series? I loved Chase in Designs of Desire so excited to read more about him

    1. TempeO

      That’s officially still up for debate as I’m not certain which order they will be published in, but by my count, lol, Desires’ Guardian is book 2 and Temptation of Desire is book 3 (Temptation is Dal’s story, whom you also met in Designs of Desire). Oh, and as they happen in tandem, it will work either way, so no worries ;c)
      So glad you love my boys and hope Chase’s story will as much fun to read as it was to write.

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