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The Equal Rights Blog Hop

What does being a member of the GLBT community mean to me?

So QTA asked the question “What does being a member of the GLBT community mean to you?” and I had to stop and consider all that it means to me before I could even begin to write this post, lol. For me, being part of a community where I’m accepted and equal is very important, for so many reasons. I struggled with being who I am when I was younger, but most would think being Bi would be easier… Not so in my case. The first real exposure to ‘community’ I had was, sadly, not a group really into equality, not for the “wannabes” and “fence sitters” like me. Mind you, I don’t see being Bi as being a fence sitter, I just don’t base relationships or desires on gender. I don’t have a preferred gender, simple as that.

So when I got a bit older and again tried to dip my toes into the GLBTQ community where I moved to, I was thrilled and blessed with finally finding a home where I fit. I know I’m not the only one out there to suffer the bias against bi’s (I was once told all bi’s cheat. Really? Huh? Guess I’m a bad bi then, lol.) and am now so glad to have found a GLBTQ community where I am free to be who I truly am.

For me, the biggest thing it means is being equal and having an extended family who knows me for me, and loves me just the way I am! Now if the laws could just figure out what equality truly means …

*Note: The wins against DOMA and Prop8 are wonderful, now to get the rest of the country on the equality bandwagon. Where I live marriage is still only for het couples :*(


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