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Temptations of Desire: Blog Tour–Character Interview (The Blogger Girls)

Originally posted on The Blogger Girls:

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Good morning and a wonderful Saturday to you! I’d like to first thank the lovely Blogger Girls for hosting me today. ☺ Today I’m letting you get a crack at the MC’s of Temptations of Desire. I’ll ask them five (5) questions and we all get to see what their answers are. Sound funs, right?

So, let’s fist introduce our lovelies! Today we have Dal Sayer and Alex Noble with us.

TO: Hey. Thanks so much for coming with me to The Blogger Girls site.

Dal: Not a problem. Lexie and I talked and we’ll answer most any question you have. Well, as long as it’s not too personal *wink*

*Alex blushes but nods*

TO: Great! So, Let me make sure everyone knows who’s who. Lexie is Alex, right?

Dal: Yeah, I call Alex Lexie most of the time.

TO: Cool. Now, on to the questions…

TO: What got…

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