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Oct 09

New Story… New Series… Yes, #amwriting

Guess what I’m doing today? Well, after talking with Lynn at Dreamspinner Press, I’m working on a new series. Well, right now I only have two books planned, but so not the point. It’s called Delights and Delicacies—the series is, I mean. The book is Knots of Delight (at least for now). It’s set in …

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Apr 15

Organization, Outlining, Insanity, and Me….

Recently I’ve been asked both in my real life and on line about how I keep my ideas organized. If I use outlines, note cards, spreadsheets, etc. What writing program I use is the other biggie I seem to get asked a lot and well, the answer is really one and the same. Yes, I …

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Feb 17

Writing Challenges and plans…

Afternoon and wow! Has it been a while since I’ve been able to post a good update. Sorry about that but as the migraines and Fibro don’t care what I want to do (sick of health issues, sigh). BUT, today I’m writing to let you in on a little writing fun. I’m almost done with …

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Jan 01

2013 Wrap-up / 2014 Plans

Morning! So, I thought I’d share a little wrap up review of 2013 and tell you about some of my writing goals for next year. Now, as to my 2013 Goals… Some I met, and :c( some I didn’t. But don’t worry, they aren’t being forgotten, just pushed back a little. Designs of Desire – …

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Nov 20

Goals for 2013

Now that I have completed my first M/M Romance manuscript, I thought I’d share my goals  for 2013! :c) Desires Entwined series: Designs of Desire – find James and Seth a publishing home. Desires’ Guardian – Chase & Rhys Signs of Desire – Adrian & Simon Books 4 – ? & ? Book 5 – ? & …

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