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Support for Girl Scouts #FallFundraiser

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Help Kylie

Being in Girl Scouts, I can help other people. We do fun activities and help the community while learning important skills that will help us forever. I am trying to earn $300.00 to help my Girl Scouts, and so that my troop can Go to camp. Will you please help by shopping in my online site? Thank you.

As some of you know, my youngest is on the Transgender-spectrum, as well as having Autism. Being a Girl Scout has been a wonderful experience for them in so many ways! This year, Kylie has chosen to not only participate in the spring Cookie sale, but the Fall Fundraiser as well. So I decided to share with y’all, lol.

I hope some of you can help, if not by buying, by sharing. GSA has been wonderful in how welcoming they are, how inclusive, and how they never judge.

Thank you for any and all support. From sales to cheers and well-wishes. I will read any left to Kylie (they cannot read due to a severe language disorder).

Tempeste O’Riley