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Weekend Writing Warriors: Temptations of Desire

With Designs of Desire having just released, I though some of you might like to get a peek into one of the next stories in the series, Temptation of Desire.
[Please note: this is an unedited WIP snippet that was modified to fit the 8 sentence rule, lol]

Temptations of Desire is the journey of Officer Dal Sayer, a police officer, and Alex Noble, a sexy, gender fluid man. Can Dal embrace who Alex truly is inside and out? And, can Alex trust in Dal and their burgeoning feelings so they can find their HEA?

Dal smoothed the tight, dark green spandex T-shirt down, tucking it into his low rise black jeans, buttoning and buckling them. He stood debating if he should leave the five o’clock shadow on his jaw or if he should shave, when the buzz of his intercom went off, startling him. He pressed the button and David’s voice came through, “You ’bout ready ta go? We want to get there before all the cute guys are taken.”

“Yeah, yeah, keep your pants on, I’ll be right down,” Dal replied. He quickly grabbed his keys and wallet. After a moments thought, he sprinted to his nightstand and grabbed a couple of condoms and a travel packet of lube—just in case. After shoving everything into his pockets he hurried down to meet David and Sammy.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet. Temptation of Desire will be back next Sunday to tease you a little more.

Temptation of Desire is the third story in the Desires Entwined series. Book #1, Designs of Desire, was released on July 29th. You can find out more about Temptation of Desire or Designs of Desire, by clicking on their names.

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