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Spotlight: Those That Serve Our Community, OUT★SERVE

Members, friends, supporters of OutServe-SLDN:

DID YOU KNOW….that OutServe-SLDN still has hundreds of legal clients?

DID YOU KNOW….that our lawyers are working without pay up to 60 hours a week to manage our clients?

DID YOU KNOW….that our legal hotline still receives dozens of calls per week?

DID YOU KNOW….that OutServe-SLDN has over 6000 members in over 50 chapters world-wide working at the grassroots level with installations and the local community?

DID YOU KNOW.…that OutServe-SLDN still receives e-mails from servicemembers just coming out looking for a support network?

DID YOU KNOW….that “gender identity disorder” is no longer considered a mental illness?

DID YOU KNOW….that full implementation of marriage equality in the Armed Forces is still not complete?

DID YOU KNOW….that HIV rates of transmission are higher in the military than in the general population?

DID YOU KNOW….that more than 14,000 male-on-male sexual assaults occur every year in the Armed Forces?

DID YOU KNOW….that many chaplains are excluded from providing services directly and indirectly to LGBT     service members?

These are but a few of the issues that OutServe-SLDN works to address.

There are those that believe the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the defeat of Article 2 of the Defense of Marriage Act constituted the end game for OutServe-SLDN.   We know that is not the case.  There is still much valuable and important work ahead of us, and there always will be.

Simply put, times have changed.  Sponsors who had previously been generous with their donations to OutServe-SLDN have chosen to now direct their precious dollars to bringing marriage equality to all 50 states.  We now have to look inward and become more self-sufficient.

If you believe, as we do, that the job is not yet done, please give to OutServe-SLDN.  We need your financial support to carry on the important work still ahead.

Please go to and donate today.

Too many have worked too hard and sacrificed too much for us to quit while the job is still incomplete. In fact, our opponents would like nothing better than for us to ease into a false sense of complacency or to mistakenly believe our mission is complete. As military service members, we know that NO mission is complete until all objectives are reached. Friends, we are not yet there.

Please give to OutServe-SLDN today. The future of our organization is dependent on you.

Consider Contributing to OutServe and help millions of military members and their families!