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#SneakPeekSunday with Desires’ Guardian-March 24th

It’s Sneak Peek Sunday and today we have a little peek from my unedited WIP, Desires’ Guardian, from the Desires Entwined series.

Yawning, Chase got into his car and headed over to James’ before he remembered they were meeting at the restaurant instead. At some point, he knew he would have to change his thinking and acknowledge that it was James and Seth’s now, especially since they were not only living together but would be married in just over a month.

Chase turned the corner to pull up in front of Zarletti’s and was passed by a motorcycle. He took a moment to take in the eye candy—the black and chrome Harley Soft Tail and the tall, wide-shouldered man atop it. It was only when he parked that he realized to whom the bike belonged, and groaned.

There Rhys stood, peering at him from beside the bike. Too bad the bike and those looks belong to such an asshat.



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