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Sexy Snippet and the #BDSMhop

In honor of the final day of the BDSM Blog Hop, Grace posted a sexy snippet from her Golden Collar series… so I’ve decided to give you all a taste from my newly submitted Caged Sanctuary. Winking smile

Deacon bent forward again, pressing a single soft kiss to Kade’s forehead. “Follow,” he instructed.

Kade did as he was told, unlocking his wheels before following along behind his Dom, both excited and nervous to see the room ahead. He kept telling himself that Deacon wouldn’t invite him here if he wasn’t serious about them trying, but the memories of rejection for being useless and broken still managed to intrude at times. Pushing aside those thoughts, he hurried, coasting into the room, stopping just a short ways behind Deacon. He let his gaze wander, taking in the elegant bed covered in soft silver sheets, various devices and toys, even a—he cocked his head to the side—bean bag chair? Odd thing to find in an adult playroom, but he figured Deacon had a reason for it to be there.

He watched Deacon move, bending to take his shoes and socks off, but leaving the rest of his clothes in place. “When in this room, I expect you naked and ready for me. I will give you time later to explore everything here as I will, at times, also give you instructions on items to gather, use, or prepare before play. I expect you to obey at all times. If you have cause not to, then you must tell me immediately. That will include the why, boy. Do you understand.”

The command and the way Deacon’s voice dropped and hardened from the moment they entered the room had his cock harder than he could ever remember it being. Kade loved a man that knew what he wanted and damn well expected his sub to obey. He nodded and replied, “Yes, Sir.” He paused and he thought about the instructions given. “Should I strip now or… is this simply instructional time for the future?”

“Mmm, I have every intention of playing with you, boy, so yes, remove your clothes. There is a small stand to your right. That is where you are to place your clothes, folded neatly.” As soon as Deacon stopped speaking, he turned his back to Kade and stalked across the room. At the tall dresser against one of the walls, he stopped and pulled open the top drawer.

Not wanting to disappoint, and appreciating the small amount of privacy, Kade quickly shimmied out of his clothes, folding each piece carefully before setting the pieces on the small table. Once completely nude and resettled in his chair, he maneuvered into the room more, stopping at the approximate center. He then leaned forward slightly, folding his arms behind his back and clasping them, in as close an approximation of the presentation position as he could given his lack of balance and kneeling. He then lowered his gaze, choosing a spot a little ways in front of him to focus, and waited.

After a few minutes, Kade watched Deacon’s feet and legs come into view. The man circled him slowly. Kade’s breath sped as he waited, nearly coming apart when he finally felt the first touch of Deacon’s fingers across his shoulder. The light touch shifted to slide down his spine, touching but not stopping on a few of the thin scars that peppered his skin. Some were from the attack, others from heavy use of the cane when he was younger. The latter ones he was proud of and hoped to have more of soon.

© 2014 Tempeste O’Rilely

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