You Are Perfect Just As You Are.
Because Love Sees No Gender.™


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Hello and thank you Michael for hosting Designs of Desire, and me, the author, lol. Today I’m going to tackle an oft ignored topic… the disabled MC. It’s a topic that many don’t think about or concern themselves with—almost like if someone has a disability they aren’t a whole sexual being… Seriously_ Everyone can have a fully enriching life despite physical or mental limitations. That said though, when I sat down to wrote DoD I didn’t say “Oh, I want to write a story where a disabled guy finds love.” No, what I thought about was how frustrated I get about how others perceive me and often treat me because I use forearm crutches and can’t walk much—or stand long without serious pain. The pity, anger, or out right dismissal of my existence. And so, James Bryant was born!…..

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