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R. I. P. Eric Arvin

R. I. P. Eric Arvin

15442161_937658023033550_4364202874328241649_nOur community has lost one of our own. A great light has left us. But he’s not truly gone from us because he lives in our hearts, his words live on in videos and in written form, and in our memories. If there was one this Eric was great at, it was being Eric, . He was such a vibrant personality, and that came through in everything he touched.

He was one of the first mm authors I read, and thanks to Simple Men, was hooked! The world is a little darker for me today, but I know he is in a better place a he transitions to his next life.

The pic to the left is how I will always remember Eric! Full of life, piss-n-vinegar, and an amazing smile. lol

Blessings, love, and respect, to you Eric.

Love and comfort for all missing him, especially his family. May the Divine wrap you in Her embrace and keep you as you learn to live without him in your daily life.