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Quantum Mates: What Torin Wants by Talon ps

I’m sorry but did you just dipped your Arkillian chocolate into my edible nipple peanut butter?

The journey into the making of:

QUANTUM MATES: What Torin Wants by Talon ps

Okay so let’s be honest here, how many of you have ever watched a Star Trek or Star Wars film and not enjoyed it?


Chances are you have watched enough sci-fi films or TV shows to develop a few favorites. Why? Because we are all Trekkies in a way. I met a man once who said he hated Sci-fi yet watched the Science Channel like it was going out of style— Geek-trekky. Odds are the only real hater of sci-fi is the CEO for the Sci-fi channel, since he’s the reason my two TV favorites are off the air —Farscape and Firefly. What I have to say, might not be nice at all, so we just won’t go there.


But, aside from the one sci-fi-traitor-weirdo, we all have our sci-fi fantasies. And surely, once upon a time in a galaxy not too far away, someone said, “Hey, let’s get all the Trekkies together and have a party!” That party just happens to be the largest convention party there is— Comic-Con.

Want to know what the second largest convention party is?The Hookers Ball.

Yep, let’s face it, Sex sells, always has, always will, but then so does Sci-fi. From Roy Rogers and H. G. Wells’ first radio airing of the War of the Worlds to today’s newest hiccup in the space-time continuum that lets us watch good ol’ Bones, Spock and Capt. Kirk do it all over again.

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So what happens when you put them together and somehow get Arkillian chocolate in your edible nipple peanut butter?


Not A Damn Thing— it seems the Trek lovers and Sex-ma-bomb fans fizzle out when you try to meld them together.

Huh? It worked for Reese’s Peanut-Butter-Chocolate Candy— so why not for sex –n- sci-fi? One of the most memorable Original Star Trek episodes was of Jim gettin’ hot and heavy with some green skinned vixen. So why doesn’t it spark fan’s attention in literature? One particular Review- blogger {nope, don’t remember the dude’s name} once blogged about it. He said it was impossible. In fact, he was rather livid that an author had the recent audacity to even give it a try with her latest release and that we, as writers, should just knock it off and quit trying. Why? Well he did go on to explain—


Science Fiction, more often than not, takes place in space, on an alien world or with visitors from space on ours. And in order for that to happen vividly in a book, a considerable amount of world building is required. You also have to think outside the box and stop being human in the process. That includes language— habits— creature features— even the most mundane things like how to measure the passing of a day— that is, if you really want your alien world to be believably alien. For the Erotica writers, this is often just too much work that takes up precious space that could better be used for well— more sex. And two things in the erotica genre industry may have lead to this short-sighted transfusion.

Before, you had Romance and then you had Smut-reads, neither came anywhere close to touching. But over the years, those two have slowly migrated towards each other to what is now known as Erotica. But to the average reader, what some may not realize is, what the publishers say qualifies as an Erotica Submission. For starters, one of the qualifications states that erotica must have a sex scene in every chapter. In volume, that’s 60-80% sex for 40-20% story content. In a sub-genre of Sci-fi, your alien world is doomed to fail. You can still say you are there, but your poor readers are going to be cheated of the visualization you could have put there, if your publisher had just let little Pope John Pole the III rest a bit.


The same goes for the Science-fiction reads that attempts to have a little Adult Content spice. The very wording of the sub-genre has already deflated my poor Zipper Wookie. Let’s face it, while most of the time, the Geeks and Trekkies can paint up some fantaz-mic alien worlds; usually, they lack the steam and hip thrusts to make it orgasmic without sounding clinical, or it’s so detail strangled we blinked and missed it. I have even witnessed some sad attempts where authors have borrowed scenes from romance novels that was alien to the alien world.


Mr. Review-blogger summed it up that, a book is either:

Balls to the walls, page-flipping full of the most awesome, never-wears-out, and can-cum-more-times-than-super-man sex to leave the readers a little on the moist side until their next break time. But not enough sci-fi to even realize you left earth and bedded a hunky Alien creature who, for some reason, is named Luke.



It has plenty of Sci-fi extra-terrestrial stuff, nevertheless, Mister six-foot-seven-manly-man Xexior Styxx is too busy battling the space invading Glumantersfouxs while planet hopping in his chromed-out space wheels, that he forgot he’s supposed to do something utterly euphorically amazing to the saved Earthling with his deep-veined purple-helmeted spartan of love.


So what to do if you want smexy sci-fi?

First, accept the challenge.


Then, abandon all rules about percentages and integers of just how much sex is enough sex, and last, stop thinking humanly. What you will get is a sweltering love story that just happens to be out in the middle of nowhere, called Zero-Space.

That’s where Quantum Mates: What Torin Wantsbegins.

For authors wanting to try a hand in this, first just suffer that this is going to be a book of love, and like all other red-headed-step-children out there, don’t expect the fans to come rushing in. While folks love Sci-fi and they love being turned on, they still aren’t too sure about you getting your cosmic peanut butter in their euphoric chocolate.

For readers, it just doesn’t get much better than this. Being able to actually close your eyes and take a step off the planet and into the unknown, with humanoids easy-enough to imagine, plus a few bonus alien-enough characters that are not so easily envisioned. Yet, so well written in detail, you’ll still feel a closeness to them. And remember when Star Trek’s Jordy kept rambling on about tachyon energy dust particles? Yeah, admit it, you didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. When you meet the unusual symbiotic-twins TorinLee Riley in Quantum Mates, they will have you utterly and equally lost when they start calling out quantum physic mathematic formulas in order to save the day. However, don’t worry, while it was necessary for our galactic geniuses to sound smarter than the average college graduate, you’ll relate more to First Lt. Raffe Landau. He maybe one hell of a pilot, but he’ll be right there beside you scratching his head, too.


In the creation of Quantum Mates: What Torin wants, paired with the sci-fi element was of course lots of action, to get the thrill seekers zinging in their seats. However, there’s a love affair developing from its very start between Raffe and Torin. Due to a strange, molecular level mutation, TorinLee suffers, physical contact is not only forbidden on the space station, was believed to be impossible for both males. Finding out they were physically compatible was only the beginning of their journey. There’s as much heat and romance as there are alien world stuff right here in one book.

So, if sex-in-space was what you have been dying to find for your Trekky horniness, you’re in for a treat, because the sex will have you bouncing in your spacesuits wanting to play with your Ba-donk-a-dunks.

But watch out, the ending is classic sci-fi stuff, not the typical HEA ruled by erotica.

QM1 500x700

Quantum Mates was Author Talon ps’ baby. A die-hard sci-fi fan, he was determined to prove them all wrong. Had Captain Kirk and his green skin lady been allowed to get it on without censorship it would have gone down in history as the sexiest scene of trekkie-eroticism of its time. That is unless Doctor had ever gotten in touch with his gaydar… that would have been way hotter. Nevertheless, It was Talon’s goal to prove that Sex and Sci-fi make great book-candy. While QM does have a part two in the works, Author Talon P.S. passed away in the summer of 2012, his writing now in the hands of his twin, Princess S.O., with a promise she’d finish them before she joined hi



is Talon-ps blog was written posthumously by his twin, Author Princess S.O.}

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Homoerotic Fiction / Erotic Romance / Sci-fi

A new life on the Quantum Transport Research Project was just what Raffe Landau was hoping for, what he found was a lover with a rare and similar condition of mutation that makes everyone else untouchable. But there’s a reason the space station has laws that forbid anyone touching either of the TorinLee twins and when they’re attacked Raffe knows he’s to blame. And the only way to protect the young man he’d fallen in love with is to stop touching him.

Torin has never known human touch. That is until Raffe came along and it’s not just the touch. Raffe makes him feel things he never knew existed. So when Raffe pulls away, not only does he not understand, it’s not allowed.

Raffe’s about to find out that what Torin wants Torin gets.

QUANTUM MATES: What Torin Wants is presently undergoing revisions to expand and make it even better before releasing it out in print. So keep an eye out for updates on this great read!!


Princess so and her twin, Talon ps love to torment their editor with a nefarious world of foreign-lang, slang, local dialect, stretched/outside-of-the-box definitions, and have even been known to throw in some con-lang at times, as well. This, of course, is all thrown in there with the dyslexia soup stock they both suffer from that makes editing with them a joy {joy: n see mental illness}. But the final product comes out as richly detailed holographic worlds of Gay/MM Erotic Romance; Paranormal, Sci-fi, and War time Erotic-Romances; and along with Prin’s favorite works of Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasies.

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