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Readers often ask me about future books, especially about if a favorite secondary character will get their own story or not. Below is a list of books I’m working on, along with their various stages of production, as well as those stories I plan to work on in the near future (no judging on my definition on the word ‘near’). I’ll update as I find out more / am inspired more (damn plot-bunnies….)

I know y’all have your favorites, and I will try to get to each of yours in a timely manner, honest, but unfortunately, life, children, and health don’t always work in our favor, so bear (or bare) with me, please.

Feel free to contact me with questions anytime about your favorite series, about one of the stories listed below, or just because (I love hearing from readers 🙂 )!

Desires Entwined series:

Yes, there are a few more stories in this series to come. You knew that already though, so this is more of a telling you in which order your guys are finding their way. I debated which order to write Tags and Serving in, but as of now, this is the planned order. It could change when it’s time to write though, lol. Characters and muses are fickle and stubborn creatures after all.

Tags of Desire (Desires Entwined 5)

When Dale Millar and Grayson Miles meet, the sparks fly, unfortunately, so does Dale’s inner slut. Can Dale learn to trust one man with his heart? Can Grayson be tempted to give the wandering vet a second chance?

Serving Desire (Desires Entwined 6)

Mini blurb coming soon. Let’s just say a certain judge one of our favorite guys has a tendency to have a fit over will be in this one.


Club Fierce series:

Fated Sanctuary (Club Fierce 2)

Master Rave seeks more in his life than work and hitting Club Fierce. When sub and co-owner of the club, Jake, cons Rave into helping with a disability BDSM demo he meets a man that could, maybe, fill the void. Nate isn’t a sub, or at least he doesn’t believe he can be, but his best friend begs him to go with him to the demo as support. When these two men meet, more than trust and hearts are put on the line.

Caged Freedom (Club Fierce 3)

How did Sam and Jake make a life together, run a club together, and what’s up with the nasty scar on Jake’s hip? This is part of the Club Fierce world and you first met them in Caged Sanctuary.


Chain of Fate series:

Howls with a Hope (Chain of Fate 3)

Can shifters from different shifter realities mix? When the youngest of the sons from an outside wolf pack finds his mate, he has to find a way to claim his mate, even if it’s forbidden. Even if it’s believed to be impossible. Even if it risks his place among his kind—especially since he’s not your typical wolf….

Feathers with a Cause (Chain of Fate 4)

In planning. Feathers and fur fly when these two hearts and mates meet, but can fate overcome the nature of the animals within the two men?


Delights and Delicacies

I have a new series I’m planning. It’s set in Oconomowoc, WI (not far from me, really) which is this quaint little town that isn’t tiny but it’s big. It has so much I love about it that I had to set a few stories there. I mean, I love Milwaukee (where the Desires Entwined series is set) but this area has such character, I had to. I hope you will enjoy when they are written and come out.

Knots of Delight (Delights and Delicacies 1)

When out and proud Stefan is rescued by a towering man in a pickup truck, he never expected his rescuer to be a sweet, somewhat closeted lawyer in town named Marcus. When Marcus seeks Stefan out later to help with a rush bakery order for his firm, more than sparks fly between the two.

Petals of Delight (Delights and Delicacies 2)

Kelley from Knots of Delight meets Zack Joiner, MD. Flowers and a sassy skirt are what Kelley has used to define himself as long as he’s had the choice, but can he let another in, to know the man beneath the killer boots and heels?



Gift of a Lifetime

Full-length novel based on the short written for previously. Dave gave up the hope of a happily-ever-after when he walked in on his lover and Dom with another sub. They were not only partners in life, but in the BDSM club they owned. Since that horrible night, Dave hasn’t gone near the club or allowed anyone near him as anything more than coworker or occasionally friend. That is, until Dave’s best friend cons him into returning to his club on his birthday. Can Master Nicky thaw the ice around Dave’s battered heart?

Say It

Laney left his best friend and his heart when he was 16, but it wasn’t by choice. He was given a choice, go and live with his aunt and uncle, go to college early, and pretend that he hadn’t tried to come out, or be without home, family, or hope. Turning to his best friend never occurred to him, so he did as he was told and left. It’s now ten years later….

My Little Butterfly

Full-length YA story based on my short in the Turn The Page…. Anthology.

Micah’s Medicine

Full-length YA story based on my short in the Hope & Love Anthology by Encompass Teen.


Final Notes….

I have more percolating and rattling around in my head, but as my health doesn’t allow me to write fast, it will take time to get them all to you… and I’m sure the list will continue to grow. It’s kind of like the to-be-read list we all have. It gets bigger when we look away, I’m sure of it. Mind does at least, LOL.

    • Aayesha Rajkumari on July 6, 2014 at 10:09 am


    I love the first two books of your Bound series about James and Seth and will buy the next book about Chase and Rhys promptly.. I especially liked that James did not consider himself disabled by his physical limitations. I also have some limitations and it took years before I had a good therapist that helped me alter my mindset about it and I now live a confident life. It was also nice to see dominance in a non-traditional BDSM format. Not that I have anything against BDSM and I enjoy it myself and reading about it when it is well done, but it was good to see the loving side of the relationship and that it is not always about pain/pleasure. I read the synopses of your projects and look forward to them when they come out. i signed up for your newsletter so I’ll hear about updates. I don’t have a FB account or twitter so I can’t check on you there, so I’m glad you have a website. I suppose I’m old-fashioned, but I still send actual letters and email,

    Ebooks are relatively new to me, but I have a long history of beta reading in several fandoms and I’ve helped several writers publish their novels. I got involved in m/m romance when one of the fanfic writers I betaed for wanted to publish original work. I helped her with her first novel and she has far outgrown me and gone on to a healthy publishing career on her own now. I’m very proud of her work. I enjoy your writing from a technical viewpoint as well as an emotional one. You’re very adept at character development and dialog, and your pacing is good. Your novel was distinctive, and the plot creative without being outlandish. Your secondary characters were also interesting. Overall, I am using it as an example for the writer I am working with now who also wants to publish m/m romance. Not as a template, of course, but as a goal.

    Thank you for the work you put into your craft, and I look forward to reading more when you have it available. Now I’m off to purchase what you already have published. Be well, and I wish you many hours of time available to keep writing.

    • lydia on January 18, 2016 at 2:06 pm


    Thank you!! Can’t wait for them all!

    • Nicky S on January 28, 2018 at 8:19 pm


    I’ve read caged sanctuary four or five times( I’ve lost count) I really enjoy it and never want it to end. I’m so excited to find out more books are coming to the series. I’ve read all your desires series books twice too, and am also excited for more. Thanks so much for your books.

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