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Plot bunnies!

What inspires you?


All authors know about the wonders and horrors of plot bunnies. Those lovely story ideas that often bound into our brains and won’t leave us until we have exorcised them via our writing. But, what kinds of things breed plot bunnies for you?

For me, all sorts of things trigger bunnies to hop through my mind, sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes, however, they drive me crazy, keep me up at night, or distract me from other, important, things.

In my current, main, WIP Desires’ Guardian, one of the key elements to the story was inspired by my 14-year-old sons Health class project! [He thinks it’s hilarious, btw :c( ] It has to be one of my stranger places to have a bunny bounce over me from, lol. And no, I won’t tell you what the bunny is–not yet, anyways. 

So tell me, where do you find your bunnies?

Oh, and what do you feed your bunnies? Mine prefers chocolate and coffee, especially when consumed together!