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#MeatlessMonday Make it a Meatless Monday Mardi Gras Celebration with Green Gumbo

Every year, people around the world celebrate Mardi Gras and Carnival, a festival of parades, music and eating decadent foods leading up to Lent. Millions of people observe Lent by fasting or foregoing treats and meats for 40 days. Fun fact, the term “carnival” is from carnelevare, or “to remove meat.”

So that’s what we’re doing, removing the meat, but keeping the delicious flavor of the popular Mardi Gras dish gumbo. This Creole stew from Southern Louisiana usually features strong-flavored stock, meat, or shellfish, but, with a few simple swaps, it’s a perfect vegetarian dish. Green Gumbo is a popular plant-based version that includes a variety of greens and herbs that give it an amazing color and rich flavors.

Richard McCarthy, Member of the Executive Committee for Slow Food International and a Meatless Monday ambassador, shares his green gumbo recipe and great tips for making this plant-based dish taste authentic.

Click here for the full recipe and for more delish meatless meals!