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#Interview with Michele Fogal, #Author of "King of Rain"

Interview with Guest Author

Michele Fogal
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Thank you for stopping over to visit, Michele. In case my lovely readers don’t know who are—though I’m certain they all do… right guys?—I thought I’d do a little sit-down visit with you and help us all get to know you a little better.

What makes your stories different from other authors out there?

Michele: There are lots of authors I consider mentors and influences but I do believe each writer offers a unique perspective. What I’m going for in my work is an exploration of the HOW of intimacy. How do people get close to each other? How do barriers form between people and how do we break them down? I don’t usually ‘fade to black’ in the bedroom, because I think there are often key moments there that map out how intimacy works. In short, I think my work offers a tangible, physical experience inside the head, and body of another person as they become drawn to someone, and get challenged to be more authentically themselves. Heh, that’s what I’m striving for anyway! 🙂

When did you first consider yourself an author?

Michele: It was long before my first publication, which I think is important. I saw this great speech by JK Rowling about her struggle to become an author and I could suddenly picture her, a single mother, very poor, and writing like crazy. I pictured her mapping out the rules for Quidditch and having her kids wake up and cry and thinking to herself, “What the hell am I doing? Who cares about any of this nonsense?” You know she must have had moments like that at some point, and with this outside objective perspective, I could clearly see that she was an author long before she published anything. Using her as my personal Champion really helped me with feeling like I had any dibs on a daunting title like ‘Author.’ You can see her speech and more about this here, if it’s of interest.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do to get past it?

Michele: I suffered from writer’s block for 10 years actually. It was horrid. I don’t recommend it. One key thing, was to recognize that my ‘critical voice’ (you know that little shite that whispers how pointless writing is and how bad you are at it) was the main problem. I deconstructed how this critic was sabotaging me and why, and then painstakingly restructured my creative process to compensate. I’m creating an e-course about it actually. Inquiries or comments on that are welcome on my blog here: 

I was asked this recently and would love to find out your take on it… If your writing was translated, which would be your preference: TV, movie, play, or Broadway?

Michele: Great question! I’d have to say none at the moment, oddly enough. I have a lot of explicit scenes in my ‘delving into intimacy’ work, and I really like that the reader and the characters have the written word to connect them. Whenever you put actors into a sexually explicit picture, it opens this tiny space for worry. Are those actors ok with it? Do they feel pressured to accommodate the demands of the story or the director? This tiny window feels like it distances me from the story. With written words, we readers get the immediate experience of being inside a character’s experience without having to worry about another person acting as interface.

Having met you both and seen you in your tuxes (both men are totally yum) I can just picture that!
Does your family know what you write, and if so, how did they react when you first told them what and how explicit your writing would be?

Michele: Well, I am wondering what’s going to happen should any of my older family members read my books, especially this one, “King of Rain,” because it is very explicit and gritty on top of that. *Shrug* We’ll see what they have to say or if there are any of those lovely awkward silences! With some friends, they go like this, “I read your book.” Me, “Oh, great!” Awkward silence. Them, “It was… uhh, interesting.” That said, I’m very open about what I’m doing and my family has been curious and supportive. It’s sparked lots of interesting conversations.

Have you ever met someone in real life, or a stranger, that you turned into a MC?

Michele: Main Character? No, characters don’t work that way for me. They are more like collages of people. For example, Jer has the fierce strength and irreverence of my grandmother, but I couldn’t expect her to see that amidst all the other differences between them, even if she was still alive. Now that she’s on the other side, she’s probably nodding in satisfaction! 😀 I’d hate for someone I know to think that a character of mine was based on them, because, of course, no character could ever be vast enough to honour a real person. People are like universes – infinitely complex. We have to cut out so much to fit stories on pages.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Michele: Ack! So many! I’ve got a list on my Goodreads but at the moment, I’m always looking forward to Amy Lane’s books. She handles intimacy in a way that I find really moving.

Boxers, briefs, commando? What’s your favorite way to “dress” your man?

Michele: what are those boxers called that are made out of t-shirty material but have legs? Yeah, those!

LOL! Those are boxer-briefs and yes, very yum! Do you as an author concentrate on one genre? Or do you feel as though you should try to find your voice amongst the many and various genres?

Michele: I actually started out my writing career in poetry which is hilarious because I hate most poems. Then I did my degree in Creative Writing and tried out a lot of forms. I had a nagging yearning to write a novel and then when my 2nd child was gestating, he kicked my butt to get started. Not sure why he thought that was a good time, but ever since, I’ve been writing only novels. They started out as SF, but the romance element was too strong for standard SF guidelines and I had to stop and realize that I was really a love story writer at heart.

And just because I love to tease 😉 what are you working on now, and what is coming up from you next?

Michele: I’ve gotten caught up in a whirlwind of editing and now blog touring and sadly, have been neglecting the window inside my brain. Soon, I’ll sit back down at that window and see who’s demanding my attention the loudest. It could be my “up north” stories, or maybe the city novella I want to write, or maybe the SF series or the Steampunk series. There are lots of stories flashing by so it gets tricky to pick which one to work on next. That said, 95% of them are Male/Male, all of them are love stories and I hope to keep writing them until I die.

Thanks so much for having me Tempeste! Readers, here’s where to find out more about King of Rain I’d love to hear from you if you want to reach out, or follow the rest of the blog tour.

On that wonderful note, I thought I’d share a little about King of Rain and King of Snowflakes!

King of Rain

M/M New Adult BDSM Romance
Series: West Coast Boys, Book 2
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: March 13, 2015
Length: Novel / 200 pages

Being uber-tall and broad made it easy for Logan to hide his sexuality and vulnerability behind armor made of strength, ambition, and emotional detachment. His mask of macho success is shattered when he discovers the friend he’s carried a secret torch for has a boyfriend, and everything he’s always wanted now belongs to someone else. Logan can’t pretend not to care anymore, as his rage erupts in a horrible act of revenge. It’s impossible to hide his demons, now that they’ve broken loose.

Since losing his sweet boyfriend, Jeremy’s loud and proud life of sex parties and clubbing feels empty. When he meets the dark and self-destructive Logan, Jeremy recognizes the demons he sees in Logan’s eyes. After all, he has plenty of his own.

Logan isn’t looking for love, he’s looking for punishment and release, but with Jeremy all three seem momentarily possible… until he learns his victim was Jeremy’s lost love. Logan doesn’t expect forgiveness and knows he doesn’t deserve a real life, but after a taste of intimate closeness, finding salvation alone will mean he has to change, or die trying.

Dreamspinner Press
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Genre: M/M New Adult Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Series: West Coast Boys, Book 1
Release Date: September 26, 2014

Grade twelve is flying by like a pride parade of gay freedom and love until Skyler finds his gorgeous downtown boyfriend cheating on him over Christmas break. The breakup leaves him raw and not up to ignoring the usual gay taunts from soccer star Ryan and his teammates.

When Skyler loses it, he’s surprised to find a straight jock like Ryan knows what it’s like to have your heart broken and what it’s like not to belong. Behind his cocky smile, Ryan is feeling hopeless about his grades, his chances of getting into university, and his lack of real friends.

When Ryan invites him on a family ski trip, Skyler thinks escaping the city will let him lick his very private wounds in peace. He doesn’t count on Ryan’s warmth and affection amid the grandiose snow-covered mountains with their wonderland white trees, or the magical way Ryan’s silky hair fills with perfect six-point snowflakes. He certainly doesn’t expect Ryan to have secrets of his own that could burn them both–or lead to Skyler’s first truly loving relationship.

Warning: this book contains sexual intimacy and is intended for an adult audience
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Michele Fogal is a Love Story Novelist, in both SF & M/M Romance, a mother, a story addict, an endless student and a drooling xenophile. She is the author of the West Coast Boys series, published by Dreamspinner Press.

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