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#Interview with #GuestAuthor A.J. Marcus

Interview with Guest Author
A.J. Marcus
There are mysteries to be solved, and hard bodies to be fondled.

Thank you for stopping over to visit, A.J. In case my lovely readers don’t know who are, I thought I’d do a little sit-down visit with you and help us all get to know you.

What makes your stories different from other authors out there?

A.J.: I like to mingle my genres. The Mountain Spirit Mysteries actually started out as a romance book, “Eagle’s Blood” with a bit of mystery in it. I got done with the book and realized that these two guys had a lot more stories to tell, both with their relationship and with the animals that are a major part of their lives. I try hard to give a lot of animal/natural information in my books, without bogging down the readers. From what I hear back from my readers, I’m doing a good job of it.

When did you first consider yourself an author?

A.J.: Seriously about two years ago, when I managed to get more than a couple books published in a year. When it became my main source of income after most of the tech jobs I’ve been doing for years disappeared and I decided that I wanted more control over my time and my life. I’ve written since high school, even finished an entire novel…which is locked away in a notebook, in a box, in a dark corner of the shed where no one will ever find it.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do to get past it?

A.J.: Occasionally. Normally I’ve got several projects going at one time, so if I get bogged down on one things, I can work on something else. Right now I’ve got several books in various stages of production so I’ve always got something to do and when an idea hits, I set things aside and attack it.

On the rare occasion when I’m just bogged down beyond belief, I take a hike, a drive, do something to get away for a little while and clear my head. Normally something shows up and screams “write about this!”

I was recently asked a question and thought it would be fun to hear what others would say when asked… If your writing was translated, which would be your preference: TV, movie, play, or Broadway?

A.J.: Funny you should ask, right now I have a script writer working on treatments of a couple of my books and my agent is going to be pitching them for either TV or Movie. I really don’t care which, but I think it would be cool.

Does your family know what you write, and if so, how did they react when you first told them what and how explicit your writing would be?

A.J.: Yes, my family does know what I write. My mother reads everything I hand her. The first time I gave her a copy of “The Jouster’s Lance” I was like “I’ll understand if you have to skip parts.” She didn’t skip anything and told me it was great. I think my sister skips parts. My cousin doesn’t.

Have you ever met someone in real life, or a stranger, that you turned into a MC?

A.J.: Actually Brock Summers, one of the MCs in “Grizzly Discovery” is loosely based on one of the Parks and Wildlife officers out of Colorado Springs who showed up one day when I was in the shower and I met him wearing nothing but a towel. I added a few inches and pounds to him. He’s much smaller than Brock is. 😉 There have been others as well.

Now that would be a fun story 😉
Who is your favorite author and why?

A.J.: Man, that one’s hard because I read such a wide variety of things and over time my favorites have changed. I rarely pass up a Mercedes Lackey book, or an Anne Rice vampire/werewolf book. Same with Marion Zimmer Bradley, but she’s been tainted with some of the accusations after her death. Anne McCaffery was awesome too. I love books that take me different places and expose me to new things and new ideas.

Oh, some great stories / authors! I love vampires and epic fantasy. 🙂 So… boxers, briefs, commando? What’s your favorite way to “dress” your man?

A.J.: Boxer briefs are great. Although, if the weather is good commando is awesome. Depends on many factors. I’ve gotten practical as I’ve gotten older.

Do you as an author concentrate on one genre? Or do you feel like you should try to find your voice amongst the genres?

A.J.: I write several genres. Contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, science fiction. It all depends on what story hits me.

And just because I love to tease 😉 what are you working on now, and what is coming up from you next?

A.J.: What’s coming up next. In June I’ve got a book coming out with Dreamspinner Press “Throw Away Card”. It’s a steampunk romance set in Reconstruction Era along the Mississippi River. And later in the summer there will be “The Kachina Job” a paranormal ménage story, also by Dreamspinner.

What am I working on, I’ve got a book that I’m co-writing with the lovely J.N. Merills, “Hoof Beats” a paranormal romance. I’m about to start working on “Cougar Chaos” book 4 of the Mountain Spirit Mysteries…book 3 “Moose Fever” will be out sometime around the first of the year.

And on that wonderful note, I thought I’d share a little from Grizzly Discovery. So sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy!

Grizzly Discovery
Mountain Spirit Mysteries, book two

M/M Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: DSP Publishing
Release Date: March 24, 2015
Length: 200 pages / Novel

Landon Weir and Brock Summers are happily settling into their life as a couple, easily balancing Landon’s work as an animal rehabber with Brock’s career as a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer. When they find a bear shot and skinned, they set out to discover who’s behind the heinous act.

Events force Brock to come out to his boss, causing him and Landon to rethink how public they want to make their relationship. As more bear sightings – and more carcasses – show up in the area, Brock is attacked by a black bear he’s trying to release back into the wild, but his injuries don’t prevent him from helping Landon and their friends with the investigation. Despite leads being thin on the ground, the two men try to uncover the poachers before more bears are killed. But when the evidence points them in an unexpected direction, Teller County’s bear population may not be all the killers have in their sights.

DSP Publishing

Brock held the crate steady as Landon opened the door and stepped back. The raccoon inside banged around a bit more, then took off at a fast waddling run into the quickly darkening forest. It didn’t take long for it to disappear. It was surprising that it didn’t climb the first tree it came to, but it just ran for the hills.

Landon let out a long sigh and leaned against the side of Brock’s truck. “I’m really glad all he needed was to be relocated. Raccoons can be a real handful.”

“So I’ve heard,” Brock agreed. “But at least the guy trapping it knew enough to call you to come get it. Most of the old mountain man types around here would just shoot it and be done. We don’t have enough raccoons in the area for them to be doing that.”

“Right, and with the fires lately, they’re being driven into all sorts of new places. I think this is the first one I’ve gotten from the northwestern side of Pikes Peak.”

Brock took Landon’s hand. “So now what?”

“Don’t know.” Landon shrugged. “Head back to the house, fix some sandwiches for dinner, get to bed, so we can wake up and do it all over again in the morning.”

Brock pulled Landon into his arms. “It’s a nice night. If we don’t have anything pressing to do, we could just enjoy the outdoors for a bit.”

Landon kissed Brock. “Hmm. That actually sounds like you’ve got something in mind.”

“I might.” Brock slid his hands across the firm planes of Landon’s back, drawing Landon against his chest. “It’s been a while since we had an opportunity for a little fun out under the stars. It’s warm enough to not be uncomfortable.”

“It is.” Landon cupped Brock’s ass. “I see some possibilities here.”

Brock kissed Landon, enjoying the feel of their lips pressed together. He kissed his way to Landon’s smooth chin and up his jawline to his ear. “I’m going to have to get used to a smooth face here,” he whispered before he kissed Landon’s ear.

“Not forever. The beard will be back with the falling leaves.”

Licking his way around Landon’s ear, Brock let out a long, hot breath. “I guess I can try to wait that long. I just really liked your beard.”

Landon unbuttoned Brock’s shirt. “If it means that much to you, you might be able to talk me into growing it out again sooner.”

Now Brock chortled. “And how about I do more than talk? Maybe I could do the dishes for the next month.”

“The dishes?” Landon stopped unbuttoning Brock’s shirt and cocked an eyebrow but didn’t pull away from him. “I was thinking about something a bit more personal than doing the dishes.”

“Well….” Brock continued to lick Landon’s ear. “What would it take?” He worked his hand down Landon’s hard chest and abs before sliding it into his pants and brushing his fingertips along Landon’s hardening cockhead. “Maybe I should pay this a little more attention. A blow job every day for a month? Would that show you how much I appreciate the beard?”

Landon caressed Brock’s arm. “That might be a start.”

“So I guess that means you want me to start right now?” Brock undid Landon’s jeans and freed his rapidly swelling cock. It was almost to its full nine-inch length. He loved the way it felt in his hand. Actually, he loved how all of Landon felt.

Landon chortled. “Now would be a good time to start.”

Brock started to drop to his knees, but Landon caught him under his arms. Brock raised an eyebrow.

“Not yet.” Landon pulled at Brock’s clothes. “Let’s get your shirt off first. Maybe your pants too.”

“I don’t know about the pants.” Brock frowned slightly, then proceeded to remove his shirt as instructed. Since the sun had gone down, the breeze carried a slight chill, but it sent waves of pleasure against his skin. “The ground is fairly rough out here.”

Landon caressed Brock’s hard chest. Warm tingles followed in his wake. “We could get up in the bed of the truck. We’ve never done it in there before.”

“Let me grab one of the blankets out of the backseat. Then the bed won’t be hard and cold.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Landon sat down on the tailgate next to the empty pet carrier.

Brock hurried to get the blanket. He loved the fact that Landon enjoyed sex outside as much as he did. He could still get hard thinking about the first time they’d done anything. It had been in a hot spring up near Buena Vista. They always had awesome sex, but the times outside were the best.

By the time he got back to the tailgate with the blanket, Landon was already naked except for his white socks.

“Well, hurry up. I may get started without you.” He stroked up and down his hard cock before cupping his balls and bouncing the whole package at Brock.

A.J. has been writing to pass the time since high school. The stories he wrote helped him deal with life. A few years ago, he started sharing those stories with friends who enjoyed them and he has started sending his works out into the world to share with other people.

He lives in the mountains with his extremely supportive lover. They have a lot of critters, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, and rabbits. When not writing, A.J. spends a lot of time hiking, tail riding or just driving in the mountains. Nature provides a lot of inspiration for his work, and keeps him writing. He is also an avid photographer and falconer, don’t get him started talking about his birds because he won’t stop for a while.

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