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Inquire with Tempeste: Fresh and New Ideas?

I love your stories and your writing style and have read most of your books! As a fairly new reader to the world of M/M how do you continue to have fresh and new ideas?

Thank you,


Dear Julie,

First, I’d like to say “Thank you.” I love hearing from readers like you! There is little more heartening than touching a reader with ones words <3

As to your question: I take a lot of my inspiration from life. Things that have happened to me, friends of mine, even total strangers, then twist and turn them until my characters get the happily-ever-after I hope for. As my bio says, I’m a hopeless romantic. I want the world, real and imagined, to find love, trust, and hope, so that’s what I set out to create.

Also, as I have a rather strange life, it leans well to making things up for fiction. Though… sometime what I am told is fiction, isn’t—like my inclusion of Ehlers-Danlos in “Designs of Desire” as I have it and life with the complications all the time. I always strive to not just retell the stories out there, but to give you a glimpse of my views of hope and love, while speeding your hearts a little, lol.



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