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Inquire with Tempeste: Favorite Muppet

Here’s one that I find indicative of someone’s personality: who is your favorite Muppet, and why?


Dear Trix,

I love hearing from readers like you, so thank you! <3

As to your question: That’s a hard question, honestly. I’m assuming you mean the Muppets from the Muppet Show, specifically (Jim Henson made so many more Muppets than those for the show….). With that in mind, I’m torn between Miss Piggy and Kermit. Though my absolute favorite Muppet is Animal *bashing the drums in the background Winking smile

As someone that’s always been overweight, even as a child, Miss Piggy being so pretty/glamorous was always a huge thing to me as a kid. Here was a creature that made being chubby okay. Now, that in no way means I thought her attitude at times was at all acceptable, but still, big and beautiful was a huge thing for me.

Kermit was able to endure anything, no matter what. When I wanted to give up on things, even me, watching the old Muppet show (I loved old shows, still do, lol) actually cheered me up no matter how low I felt. I spent a lot of time growing up depressed, low, in pain both mental and physical (abuse is never okay!!!), and the Muppets was one of the bright spots in my life for a long time.

As for Animal…. What’s not to love about an insane creature that lives his life the way he wants, and damn other peoples opinions? He does what he wants, occasionally reining in his actions/attitude for the benefit of those he cares about. However, he never changes who he is, even for the others. He’s always true to himself. I always wanted to have the courage to be like that—only without the drums. Winking smile

I know I answered a little more than you asked, but my childhood would have been a much darker place without Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Animal!



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