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“I Am Hope” by Evelyn Shepherd



ES_IAmHopeTitle: I Am Hope
Series: The Meteora Trilogy
Author: Evelyn Shepherd
Publisher: Loose Id Publication
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Length: 70,000 words
Release Date: September 8, 2015


The undead were only the beginning.

Topher, Jesse, and Sawyer thought their greatest threat were the Infected and Mutated that roam the world. As they struggle to reach the camp in Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina, they soon discover that the monstrous mutations of the undead are the least of their problems. Something else, something far more intelligent and lethal, is hunting them.

Topher knows that the only way humanity will survive is to find a cure for the strange infection that’s ravaged the world. He’s on the brink of discovering it; but the further his research goes, the more he realizes that curing the world of the infection may mean losing Sawyer.

The three will fight to stay together, and Topher will have to make the ultimate choice: cure the world or save his lover?


I cupped Sawyer’s cheek. He blinked up at me, wonder filling his eyes. The light of the lantern reflected in his irises, turning the layers of green into sunbathed fields and dense forests. I pressed my forehead against his. His skin was soft beneath my touch, like silk sliding through my fingers. I stroked my thumb just beneath his eye, then kissed each of his eyelids.

His breath hitched, and my stomach tightened at the sharp intake of air. Sawyer tipped his head up, lips parted. I turned away, dusting small kisses to the corners of his mouth.

“You’re teasing me,” Sawyer whispered.

“No,” I said, tone hushed, “I’m remembering you.”

A hand slid up my arm. I smiled over my shoulder at Jesse. He drew me back, until we all lay stretched out on the bed. Arm tangled with arm, and hand sought hand. I didn’t know where one limb began and one ended. I closed my eyes, and my exhaustion rolled over me in a tide that threatened to drag me under.


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Evelyn Shepherd lives in Columbus, Ohio with two fat cats. Her time is split between writing and running a book/writing blog. She’s the author of the Theo Bourne Series, the best-selling Last Canticle, and the award-winning Meteora Trilogy.

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