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Because Love Sees No Gender.™

Hell Yeah! Hot is H. O. T.

Next up in the Desires Entwined series is Desires’ Guardian and Temptations of Desire. For NaNo I chose to write Temptations, as you already know ;c) This one features a drop dead sexy cop, Dal Sayer, and a sweet and sexy chef, Alex “Lexie” Noble.

When I began writing the Desires Entwined series I had planned for four novels and one, possibly two, novellas. Well, as plans often do, that has changed. The Temptations novella is now to be a full length novel and Dal and Alex have more to say than I feel will fit in a novella length story. So, without any further ado, please welcome Dal Sayer and Alex Noble, or at least the inspirations for these two wonderful men.

First up is Dal Sayer (portrayed here by Seth Fornea *swoon*). He 28, 6’2″ has green eyes and dark auburn hair, cut short—longer on top. Broad shoulders, very muscular. And let us not forget his delicious Welsh dragon tattoo wrapping around his right biceps.

Dal is also a cop with the Milwaukee PD and bi. Yeah, I know, not the easiest occupation to be bi or gay, but he is who he is, and makes no apologies for it.

Alex however, dresses like a girl some days, like a guy others, and sometimes a little of both. He’s a light-skinned black man, about 5’9″ with high cheekbones, amber eyes and long, soft chocolate-brown hair.

Alex, or Lexie, is a personal chef for a business associate and friend of Seth Burns (from Designs of Desire) and donates the food and culinary skills for a huge dinner every Saturday at the GLBTQ Center where they live.

Being gender fluid is not the easiest thing in the world, and with his history of loss, abuse, and prejudice thrown his way, he’s skittish of any advance, especially when it’s from a sexy cop.

Update: Temptations of Desire