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Guest Book ♥ Zombies Suck by Z. Allora

I want to thank Tempeste O’Reily for welcoming me to her blog. My name is Z. Allora. I write hot rockers (Made in China & The Dark Angels) and sexy zombies.  I know what you’re thinking Zombies Suck…  mine SWALLOW.


Zombies Suck
by Z. Allora
Club Zombie, book 2
M/M, M/M/M+, Paranormal, Romance

Zombies aren’t scary, undead corpses searching for brains. They are just sweet guys seeking male essence to survive. At twenty-three the transition completes, keeping them forever young—as long as they receive male ejaculate. Club Zombie offers a haven for zombies, providing sexy ways to extract what they need from the patrons, and opportunity to find their destined mate.

Alex Waterman learned from an early age to believe he was vile, and to feel ashamed of his “unnatural desires”. His life is a desolate place of suffering until he discovers… it’s not his life. Suddenly he’s swept away to Club Zombie, where he belongs. In this world, his desires aren’t evil, they’re a mark of the dominant he’s born to be, and instead of fear and loathing, he receives appreciative stares and aggressive flirting. But casual sex isn’t on the menu: Alex seeks “the one” to complete the piece of his soul he never knew he was missing until he looked for it.

Roommate Ulrich calls to Alex, a self-destructive Cutter who needs grounding, and an element of irresistible danger that clings to bad boy Storm. Alex must decide between three tempting possibilities, but which one will fill his void? Maybe he should keep them all… Only, how is a dominant, orgasm-fearing virgin going to manage three virile men?

Stiff Rain Press

How are my zombies different from other zombies?

1) Mine SWALLOW…

2)They’re hot and sexy.

3)They don’t need brains to survive they need ejaculate.

4) They’re seeking a mate which they can tell by their reaction to their male essence.

5) They begin their transition at nineteen and it continues until they are twenty-three.

6) They stop aging at twenty-three.

7) If they don’t find their mate by twenty-three they lose the ability to orgasm. (Although they continue to need male essence).

What is Club Zombie?

Club Zombie was set up so the zombies could get what they need in a safe environment… the patrons of Club Zombie don’t question how “lucky” they get when finding such orally fixated men. There are various ways in which to indulge in the pleasing young men of Club Zombie:

The Shoe Shine Room (depicted on the cover of Zombies Ahead) 

Extraction Room  (depicted on the cover of Zombies Suck)

BJ alley  (do you need a description?)

BDSM Behind the Red Door  (ditto)

These rooms and cozy spaces allow the zombies to survive.     

Zombies Ahead
by Z. Allora
Club Zombie, book 1

Zombies Ahead? Well, these zombies give head to survive. Club Zombie is a safe place for new zombies to transition and it provides a sexy environment for them to seek a mate while extracting from patrons the "male essence" that keeps the boys eternally hot.

New zombie Kai Bauer won’t turn into a rotting, brain-devouring monster, but that’s not much comfort when he discovers unmated zombies lose their ability to orgasm. He doesn’t know how he’ll bring himself to ingest medicine, let alone take a male mate…until he moves in with Jasper, a hot ex-priest who makes Kai crave just that.

Stiff Rain Press

Z. Allora recently repatriated to the South of the USA after a six year stint in China. (Talk about culture shock!) She feels it is her duty to help educate against intolerance, that is, when she’s not too busy hiding under her blankets typing out stories about wicked, beautiful boys doing wicked, beautiful things to each other. She will never grow old because she refuses to grow up, perhaps the most valuable lesson she learned in her years of globetrotting with her one true love.

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