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Guest Book ♥ Blue Light by Night byt Antonio

Welcome to my newest book visitor. Today I have invited a wonderful book to be my guest and hope you will give him a try once you read the blurb and fun little excerpt. Also, there’s a discount code below… so don’t miss out on a great new read!

Blue Light By NIght
A Layton Shayne Mystery
by Anatonio
Cover by Antonio
Contemporary M/M Supernatural Mystery  
November 24th 2013 

Detective, and ex-military man, Layton Shayne’s newest case has taken him from his home out west into the dark and ominous swamplands of Louisiana. His client Leticia Carter has only told him that the case is simple and involves three siblings with the last name of Kennedy. Layton’s job is to discover who should inherit the old family estate located in Shelby, a town so small it doesn’t even show up on most maps. Immediately after he entered Shelby, the detective met some colorful and mysterious characters. It wasn’t long before he discovered that there was an ancient supernatural element which held the citizens of the town in fear.

Soon after meeting the Kennedy sisters and their handsome brother Alex, Layton noticed that the old southern veneer of the town was thin and disintegrating by the minute. He’d need to depend on his military training to learn not just who to trust, but in order to survive. Somehow in the middle of all this, love comes to the lovelorn detective from more than one direction. Layton knows that work comes first and the case he is there to solve, which sounded so simple, is anything but that. If Layton manages to survive night treks through the swamp, an impromptu trip to New Orleans, some wise-cracking kids, and the lusty inhabitants of Shelby, he still has to come up against supernatural forces and mysterious blue light orbs with the power to kill.

No matter what the outcome, Layton Shayne’s life will never be the same.


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From Chapter 3 A Bang-Up Affair

I parked the truck and Jimmy wasted no time walking to the Jaguar.  I reached into the Manila envelope that I’d gotten from Leticia and pulled out the car keys with the attached clicker.  A press of a button and the Jag’s doors unlocked.  “Wanna go for a ride, little boy?” I said.

“Yeah, but not in the car.”

“Oh, good answer,” I said.

We headed upstairs to my room where we grabbed at each other’s clothes, practically tearing them off one another.  Hungry mouths and hungry tongues found each other as I guided Jimmy toward the bathroom and turned on the shower.  There was a desperation in me that caught me by surprise.  Deep inside I needed this.  We both shuddered as we felt the cold water on our hot bodies.  I pulled Jimmy close to me with my back to the water to shield him from the cold.  His back was to me and I wrapped my arms around him.

“You’re my big protector shielding me from the cold.  I like that.  I like that a lot, Layton.”

I nuzzled Jimmy’s lower neck, making my way to his ear while my hands roamed around his smooth, slick chest.  His slender body was firm but lacked definition.  On the other hand, his ass was perfect.  In fact, it was the very definition of a “bubble butt”.  The water was warm now, so I spun Jimmy around and we switched places so that his head was under the shower and he was facing the wall.  This gave me a nice look at his perfect ass.  I washed it with soap, rinsed it, then crouched down and kissed it.  I could make a meal of him.

Jimmy turned around, pulled me up and kissed me hard before making his way downward, leaving behind a trail of small kisses.  After a while we left the shower and finished getting to know each other in bed.  Later, I lay on my back with his head on my chest, my arm was around him, and his fingers were playing with my light chest hair.
“Do I need to set the alarm for you, Jimmy?”

“No, thanks.  I have tomorrow off.  Does your question mean I’m invited to stay the whole night?  I’m not getting booted onto the street now that we’re done.”

“No, you’re not getting booted out.  And I don’t remember saying we were done.  I should spank your butt for both those comments.”

“Let me make it easy for you, then,” he said.

He turned around, lifting his butt in the air and wiggled it my way.  Just because I didn’t think he expected it, I gave his butt a quick slap then kissed it.  He turned and we rolled around a bit in bed before getting more serious.  In the end, we were wrapped in each other’s arms and Jimmy was fast asleep.  Looking at him, I kissed his forehead.  I had no delusions about what was going on here.  It was nothing permanent or even short term, just two people keeping each other company and having fun.

The next morning I got up early, brushed my teeth, and sat at the table without bothering to dress.  I grabbed the Manila envelope from last night and opened it.  There was the aforementioned appointment card for the men’s clothing store and a plain white envelope.  It contained a more than generous amount of cash—five grand to be exact.  Damn!  That would definitely buy a lot of wining and dining.  But for now, it would buy breakfast for me and the sweet guy waking up in my bed.

Jimmy got up and stretched his slender body, arms reaching to the sky.  I glanced at his nearly hairless body.  It formed an almost perfectly straight line except for that ass.  That did it.  Now Jimmy wasn’t the only thing waking up in the room.  His eyes caught sight of how my body was responding and he smiled in appreciation.  “Good morning,” I said.

Silently, Jimmy walked over to me, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders from behind and kissed my neck.  Without letting loose, he slid around and sat on my lap. Wrapping his legs around mine, he began kissing me full on the lips.  We were in the middle of tongue wrestling when he looked down and gave me a squeeze.

“And a good morning to you, too, Woody,” he said to my cock.  “What are the plans for today, big guy?”

“Are you talking to me now, Jimmy?  Well, after some morning sex to set the tone for the day—”  I couldn’t help but laugh before continuing.  I was happy at the moment and carefree.  “If you’ve been really good, we’ll have breakfast then you can show me around the area.”

“If I’m really, really good can I see you try on your new suit?”

“Damn!  You remember me telling you about that last night.  You do have it bad for me.”  I smiled at him.  “You can come, but only if you’re really, really, really good.”

I wrapped my arms tightly around him, while his arms were around my neck and stood up. Then quickly transferring my hands to under his butt, I held him.  He wrapped his legs around my waist and I walked us to the bed.  Then Jimmy proceeded to be really, really, really good.


Antonio was called to write at various times in his life. When he was young, the writing consisted of plays and short stories. Then he explored the fine arts and literature, earning a bachelor’s degree in the latter while minoring in art history. In his studies he was fascinated by and enjoyed analyzing characters, their personalities and motivations. To him it’s always been the characters who make a story special. Once again writing has taken hold of him. In the past it was just an amusement, but now—for Antonio—writing is a passion to live, eat, and breathe.

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