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Guest Author Wednesday’s ♥ Tyler Robbins

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to have Romance Author Tyler Robbins with me today. Don’t forget to say hi and leave her a comment or two below.

Tyler Robbins is the pen name of author Robin Badillo, who lives in a small Texas town and is the mother of four nearly grown kids, two boys and two girls.

Tyler enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone and pushes the envelope on the stories she writes every chance she gets. She hopes her readers are just as thrilled as she is with the chances she’s taking.

Always the optimist, Tyler is a firm believer that grey hair is merely God’s graffiti!

You can find her at:

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Today Tyler has stopped by to answer some question for us and will drop by to answer any comments/questions you leave in the comments. Stay turned because she’s also giving away a copy of Beyond Honor to ONE lucky commenter! (See details below HOT excerpt!

What do you find the hardest part of being an author?

The hardest part of being an author is probably finding time in the day to placate my muse while appeasing four kids and maintaining a some semblance of a normal existence. Sometimes I become so consumed with work that I forget to take a breath and look up from the keyboard. I’m so afraid I’ll soon become that crazy lady with all the cats whose yard the neighborhood kids are afraid to venture through on their trek to the bus stop. Fortunately, I don’t have cats, though my dogs do sport an entitled, sarcastic attitude rivaling that of their feline counterparts.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

My favorite thing about writing has a little to do with the previous question. Losing myself in a story is adventurous and thrilling and sometimes even heartbreaking. Pouring so much of myself into my work is akin to raising children. We give of ourselves and do our very best to make sure they’re ready for the world, all the while just hoping the world doesn’t eat them alive once they’re on their own.

Just how H.O.T. are most of your books?

Well… if you were asking “Robin”, I would have said steamy and sensual, but as “Tyler”, well let’s just say that she has no shame and dares to venture into uncharted territory. I like to say that Tyler is the little devil on my left shoulder who leadeth me into temptation and I go there knowing full well I’d better pack something cold to drink for the trip.

Hot sweet or romantic do they tend to be?

Depending on the situation, I try to give my stories enough romance to make them believable while not throwing anyone into a diabetic coma. A happy medium would best describe the sweetness level…although what’s a little sweet without a little spice?

Do you have a specific writing style?

I wouldn’t know how to describe my particular writing style, though I will say that I write what I know, so my stories tend to have a southern flavor, but still hold a contemporary, upbeat and perhaps even sentimental undertone. Does that make sense?

Which is your favorite storyline/angst situation and why? What inspired you to write about it?

Ahh, my favorite ‘angsty’ situation has to be between Jared and Michael when they first meet and share a cigarette in the men’s restroom of their military base’s common room. I wrote it while imagining how uncomfortable the situation would have been for two men, secretly attracted to one another, being alone in such a small space, under the looming fear of someone coming in and seeing them together in a bathroom stall. The scene was quite innocent, but to Jared, it could have been the end of the “safe” world he’d built for himself. For Michael it was an affirmation of the possibility that something he’d hoped could someday come to pass.

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Boxers or Briefs? I know which I prefer . . . *wink*

If I had to choose, and nekkid wasn’t an option, I’d have to say that boxer-briefs are very sexy. You know, the tight ones that go down the thigh like boxers, but hug all the “fun parts” really snug…**sigh** Yeah…

Oh, I am so with you on that front! Yum. . .
Favorite author?

I’m a very flaky reader so this changes all the time. For the Male/Male erotica though, Avril Ashton gets me every time. I salivate waiting for her next creation because I know the stories between the pages of her books are gonna sizzle.

Favorite quote?

I have two favorite quotes actually, one from actress, Mae West, “Any woman can have the body of a twenty-one year old… as long as she buys him a few drinks first.” The other from anonymous, “Never regret anything you’ve done, because at some point, it was exactly what you wanted.”

What’s next for you?

Tyler has a lot going on this year. I’ve been asked to write a companion story to Beyond Honor featuring the female side of the repeal of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the US military. Several military personnel have volunteered to share their stories with me. My hope is to give these ladies the same respect and attention Beyond Honor has our male servicemen.

I also have an interesting M/M story that will allow Tyler to venture into a little broader sub-genre with another contemporary erotic romance, also taking place in Texas, but involving characters with more of a “jet-setting” attitude. Kind of like bringing the big-city side of Texas to life rather than the easy going, country style I’m so accustomed to writing. I must say, Tyler and my muse have quite a budding relationship and I expect the pair to be pretty busy for a while.

Warning: ADULT Excerpt


“Okay, well you two get settled, and then we’ll start this party.” Jared grabbed his duffel bag and returned to his parents’ bedroom.

As he entered, he noticed the bathroom door ajar and saw Michael standing on the other side, pulling his shirt up over his head. White tape wrapped around his upper torso on one side, and Michael winced as he unfastened his jeans.

His ribs were definitely bruised.

Jared swallowed hard, standing there, watching, unable to look away. No matter how badly he wanted to leave, his feet wouldn’t budge.

Michael lowered his jeans and then his boxers, causing Jared’s cock to throb. Michael was gorgeous, with tanned skin, a tapered waist and an ass that curved perfectly, firm and supple.

Jared couldn’t help it. He rubbed his dick through his tightening jeans. He’d never seen anything so appealing.

When Michael turned around, his rather large cock dangled between his legs, and Jared instantly wondered what it would feel like hard and in his hand. His pubic area was well groomed and trimmed very neatly, and his thighs were muscular and strong.


Michael looked up, and the two men made eye contact.

Jared squirmed and quickly removed his hand from his crotch. His face burned as hot as a bonfire. Shit! He turned to go, but as he made it to the door, Michael rushed from the bathroom then reached out and grabbed his arm.

“You don’t have to go.”

Jared jerked back and licked his lips. He struggled not to look down. If he did, he wasn’t sure what would happen, but he was sure it wouldn’t be good. “Mike, I-I should leave.”


The desperation in Michael’s tone tugged at his heart.

Jared backed against the door and stared into Michael’s eyes. “Please don’t.”

“Don’t what?” Michael pressed his lips together and inched closer. “Don’t make you admit that you’re attracted to me?”

Jared shook his head as Michael leaned into him.

“Don’t tell you that you’re all I think about?”

Hot breath spilled over Jared’s neck as Michael quickly invaded his personal space.  A warm hand gently took his, and in seconds, Jared held Michael’s cock in his hand.

Michael caressed the back of Jared’s fingers, prompting him to stroke his shaft. “See, it’s only flesh and blood, just like yours.”

Jared held his breath and squeezed his eyes shut as the softness of Michael’s dick began to take on a different shape by hardening in his hand. He felt powerful. Strong. To know the effect his touch had on Michael excited him in a way he’d never been thrilled before.

All on his own, Jared continued to stroke it.

Michael leaned in and began to kiss Jared’s neck. Soft moans vibrated against the tender skin on his throat, encouraging Jared to stroke faster.

Clicking sounds echoed throughout the room as his hand became slippery by the juices spilling from Michael’s cock. Jared didn’t have to look down to know instinctively what was occurring. He’d jacked off thousands of times. He’d know that sound anywhere.

Michael flattened his hand on the door beside Jared’s head, keeping his body far enough away so as not to interrupt the event. He ran his tongue up Jared’s jaw-line and toward his lips, then plunged it deep inside Jared’s mouth.

His taste was as sweet as it had been that morning, maybe even more so. “Fuck.”

Michael kissed him again and then pulled back, panting hard in Jared’s ear. “I’m gonna come.”

Jared’s heart pounded. He’d never pleasured a man to the point of explosion, and the feeling of complete and utter supremacy flooded over his whole body. He opened his eyes and looked down as Michael’s swollen cock pulsed in his hand. The tip dripped with satiny, clear pre-cum. Excited, Jared’s fist slid up and down even faster.

Michael sucked air through his teeth. “Fuck yes.”

Jared licked his lips, savoring the way Michael reacted to his touch.

Michael moaned, and then all of a sudden, he came.

One sweet burst after another of hot milky fluid spurted onto Jared’s fingers. In that instant, Jared felt like a god.

Tyler is giving away an e-copy of Beyond Honor to one luck winner. To enter to win you need to comment, but you can also gain up to four (4) extra entries by following her — see links below. Make sure to note how you’re following her, including name & email you follow under.

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