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Guest Author Wednesdays ♥ Tibby Armstrong

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to have wonderful Romance Author Tibby Armstrong with me today. Don’t forget to say hi and leave her a comment below. Romance author, Tibby Armstrong, has a lust for books and a love of travel.


On the terrestrial plane, she dreams of springtime in Paris, and has journeyed across the pond to London, Oxford, and Bath. She travels more extensively, through worlds both strange and familiar, via science fiction, urban fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, and travel memoirs.

Tibby’s favorite authors include Connie Willis, Elizabeth Moon, C.E. Murphy, Maria V. Snyder, Karen Marie Moning, Charlaine Harris, and Jane Austen, to name a few. To see the rest, and read some reviews, find her extensive reading list on GoodReads.

Having recently completed her MLS, when she’s not writing, Tibby works toward defying librarian stereotypes; yet, she lives with four cats, two computers, and enough books to collapse a poorly engineered house.

You can find her at:

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Today Tibby has stopped by to answer a few questions for us and will stop by to answer any you leave in the comments. Stay turned because she’s also giving away a copy of Acting Out, from Lose ID (see details below).

Jeremy Ash, aspiring actor, is single, gorgeous…and openly, quietly gay. When he lands a starring role opposite America’s favorite former child star, 21-year old Kit Harris, he’s ecstatic and more than a little attracted to the enigmatic star.

Kit Harris’s career has been flagging and his agent promises this new film, an edgy coming out story with a famed director, is just the thing to get it back on track. The problem is that the film is relatively intimate in nature, and Kit’s definitely not gay. He’s not even slightly bent.

When the two men collide in a crushing first test kiss, Kit’s left reeling and Jeremy’s left wanting, and both are left gasping for air. And that was just the screen test. When filming starts and the two men are brought into close proximity every day, passions ignite and souls collide–both on screen and off. The two men find that the only way to assuage their mutual lust is to give in to it. Kit’s sure this strange new attraction will run its course; Jeremy’s hoping it never has to end.

But when a manipulative model obtains salacious film footage of the two men in bed, Kit’s prepared to do whatever it takes to save his career. But how far is too far to push the boundaries of love and how long can one man hide from himself?

Thank you for stopping by, Tibby. I just read your new release and WOW, just wow. I loved it. Power, pain, love, passion . . .

Now, I already introduced you a little, but please tell us a bit about you and your newest release (I love that word, lol).

Hello! Thank you for having me for a visit.

My newest book is Acting Out, a m/m erotic romance from Loose Id. The story features an up-and-coming actor, Jeremy Ash, and his more famous co-star, Kit Harris. When the two meet during an audition for a film based on one of my earlier books (No Apologies), a scripted kiss turns both their worlds upside down!

As for the word, release, I have a certain fondness for it myself. lol

What do you find the hardest part of being an author?

Not being able to write full time. I have a day job (how unglamorous!) which pays the bills. Writing takes up another 40 hours of the week. Sometimes I feel as if I am living two lives, and I guess I really am!

What’s you favorite thing about writing?

I crave those moments when I slip so deeply into the story that I forget I’m not living it. I hope to bring readers to that same transcendent head-space when they read my stories. Sharing that experience is the best feeling I’ve ever known.

I know you write erotic stories, but just how H.O.T. are most of your books?

I flirt with D/s and BDSM in most of my books, but never seem to quite step over that line. I am not sure why, but none of the stories I’ve written seemed to call for a full exploration of that kink yet. Something about letting it play out just under, or slightly above the surface of the relationship keeps the sexual tension more interesting to me. As for the sex scenes themselves, I flatter myself that they don’t leave readers wanting—and so far I haven’t had any complaints in that regard! *grin*

How sweet or romantic do they tend to be?

My sex scenes tend to run the gamut between romantic and raunchy. No matter the heat level, however, the intimacy between the characters must be driven by plot as well as genuine emotion to satisfy me. In Acting Out, both Kit and Jeremy try to dominate one another in the bedroom (with great success) at different points in the story—raunchy! In fact, there’s a scene with some pastry icing that is one of my favorites! Yet, they also take turns comforting one another sexually when the going gets rough. Some of the sweetest sex scenes I’ve ever written are in this book.

Do you have a specific writing style?

My published writing style tends toward deep third person point of view with lots of metaphor and emotion underscoring the characters’ internal monologue. The books I’ve written so far tend to be emotionally charged and a bit rough on my characters—I don’t completely let up on them until the last pages and like to make them earn their happy ever after!

Which is you favorite storyline/angst situation and why? What inspired you to write about it?

That would probably be stories in which characters explore their sexuality or their sense of self while falling in love. My own experiences as a youth inform most of my work, though the genders are sometimes altered to protect the not-so-innocent! *winks*

Boxers / Briefs / Panties / Cheekies?

Lol! There are advantages to each, now aren’t there? It depends upon the character. Kit wears boxers, but he’s suave enough to get away with it. Jeremy, on the other hand, prefers briefs. As a matter of fact, the boxers/briefs question is a minor point of contention in Acting Out!

Favorite author?

Right now that would have to be Kim Dare. She is marvelous at putting two characters on a page and, in a relatively short page span, telling an emotionally charged, highly sexy, character-driven story. If you haven’t read her work and you enjoy D/s stories with heart, check her out!

Favorite quote?

That would have to be the quote on my web site by Carl Reiner: “Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is the most important.” In some ways, I incorporate this view of relationships into the character and plot development within each of my novels.

Favorite book?

Kim Dare’s “Duck!” It’s an unusual story about avian shifters in a D/s-driven hierarchy. It’s uniquely told and has an awful lot of heart.

Now for a question near and dear to my heart – do you have a special cause or charity that you support and would like to share?

I am passionate about gay marriage and the right of people everywhere to love and commit to whom they choose!

What’s next for you?

Currently, I’m finishing up a third installment in the No Apologies/Acting Out universe, called Full Disclosure. Full Disclosure follows up on Greg and Aaron from No Apologies. Many readers asked for more of these two, and wanted a few questions answered from the previous novel. I’m having a blast complying! The book is scheduled to be released by Loose Id along with their other Coming Out Day works in October of 2012.

Again, thank you for stopping by and best wishes on your new new release and future projects.

It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to chat with you and your guests!

Cheerful and friendly, Aaron Blake has never met a puzzle that intrigues him more than brooding Greg Falkner. He wants to get to know his roommate, but it seems the only way past his shell is through it. When a reluctant friendship turns into a budding romance, can the two keep their feelings secret from their classmates? Or will their newfound love destroy them both?

Or so goes the story screenwriter Greg Falkner spins for audiences and his longtime partner, Aaron Blake, in No Apologies. Loosely based on their lives together, the film rocks Hollywood with its blatant portrayal of two teenagers falling in love and coming of age in a world that struggles to accept them, while they in turn struggle to accept themselves.

At the end of the evening, will Greg’s risky venture break a relationship that’s already foundering? Or will the real-life Greg and Aaron also find their happily ever after with.

Tibby is giving away an e-copy of Acting Out to one luck winner. To enter to win you need to comment, but you can also gain up to three (3) extra entries by following her — see links below. Make sure to note how you’re following her, including name/email you follow under.

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