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Guest Author Wednesdays ♥ Tara Lain

Hello everyone. Today I’m thrilled to have Romance Author Tara Lain stop by. She’s got a great post on the Beautiful Boys of Romance, her new novel, Cataclysmic Shift, even a wonderful excerpt and trailer for your enjoyment! Don’t forget to leave her a little love below!

Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 20. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft. She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog in Laguna Beach, California, a pretty seaside town where she sets a lot of her books. Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!

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Cataclysmic Shift

Super cat, Aloysius, may be the most powerful witch’s familiar in the world, but when he takes a blast at the hand of an evil witch he loses it all — power, memory, and his feline form — to become the ethereal human beauty, Alain Bellarose. When Alain wakes up naked on the floor surrounded by dogs and cats, his eyes first set upon Luke Elliott, the handsome and mysterious veterinarian. Suddenly, the prospect of being human doesn’t seem so bad. Luke has a lot to hide and he likes animals way more than people, but he can’t resist the flamboyant boy who washes his face with the side of his hand and tries to lick his own privates! The loss of Aloysius depletes the power of the Witch Master, Killian Barth, and that of his “secret weapon” Sammy and leaves their coven sitting ducks for two very nasty females. When Alain discovers that he’s really a powerful cat, he’s faced with the ultimate choice. To protect his community, or stay with the man he loves.

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Hi everyone. I’m so happy to be here with Tempeste. I’m Tara Lain and I write the Beautiful Boys of Romance. Today, I’m celebrating the addition of some new gorgeous guys to my pantheon in a book called Cataclysmic Shift. It’s a story about a cat–who turns into a guy–and falls in love with another guy–but ultimately has to choose between power and love. Sort of a boy meets cat story!

Most everyone who knows my books understands what I mean by the Beautiful Boys of Romance. Almost all my work includes at least one hero who is particularly lovely in appearance, has a unique even quirky personality, and often possesses a touch (or more) of androgyny.  Look at my novella Hearts and Flour. One of the heroes, Quentin Darby, is so pretty he easily passes as a woman which is good because he’s a cross-dresser! He’s smart but gentle and very Southern, peppering his phrases with “oh my”.  On the opposite end of the “pretty boy” spectrum is JJ LaRousse from Snow Balls. Big and hunky, JJ looks like a handsome football player, but he’s more queen than quarterback. Fluttery and effeminate, JJ is a constant surprise to those who expect him to be an alpha male.

In my paranormal series, The Aloysius Tales, I have the added advantage of the supernatural to make my men gorgeous. Killian Barth, the Witch Master, has blond hair to his waist and beauty that goes beyond human. In Brush with Catastrophe, Ryder McMasters literally becomes more beautiful every day as he grows into his true self. And now, there’s Alain Bellarose in Cataclysmic Shift. Alain is the human manifestation of a powerful witch’s familiar who appears as a black cat. With his long black hair, piercing blue eyes and pale skin, Alain is truly one of romances most beautiful boys. But quirky? Well, turn a cat into a human and you get a guy with self-assurance, independence, a love of lying in the sun, and a certainty that if he tries hard enough he can lick even his most private parts!

I’ve included an excerpt from Cataclysmic Shift and I hope you enjoy it! I also included a Rafflecopter so you can enter to win some fun prizes. Thank you so much for coming by!


“MERRRRRWAOOOOOR.” ALOYSIUS LANDED on Killian’s back, his claws digging in for traction. He leaped to Killian’s shoulder. Like lightning, power flashed up Killian’s spine and out his hands in invisible bolts. The black cat familiar amped his power by a hundredfold. Killian might be the most powerful male witch in ten generations, but with Aloysius he was way more formidable. The blonde witch pulled the door in front of her, but that was little protection from his casting.


He heard a scream. Good. Maybe that one was down.

Silence. Killian peeked over the chair top. Had he hurt them both?

“Sweetheart? Are you there?”

Holy shit. Blaine. Killian’s husband’s voice came from the side door of the lecture hall.

“Stay back, Blaine. Don’t come in. Stay out.”

That most loved, beautiful face came around the corner of the door. “What’s going on? Are you okay?”


Killian felt Aloysius tense on his shoulder. The cat loved Blaine so much. “Stay out, Blaine. Danger!”

Blaine frowned. Wrong words! Blaine would move the heavens to protect Killian and Aloysius even though he was a very vulnerable human. Killian popped up over the top of the chair. “I’m fine. Stay away, please.”

“What the hell is going on?” Blaine stepped through the door.

No. Gods. Both witches jumped out from their hiding places with hands raised to cast toward Blaine.

No way, bitches.

Killian leaped up. Thunder rumbled above the history building. He cast a bolt. The blonde witch jumped aside, and she and the other female focused together, pouring power in a visible flash toward Blaine.

Gods! Killian hurled himself in the air to try and get in front of his lover, casting at the same time. Not going to make it. No, please. Me, not Blaine. No!


Aloysius moved so fast even Killian’s eyes could barely perceive it. His black, furry shape propelled in front of Blaine, pulling the bolt of power like a magnet.

Blaine screamed, “No, Al.”

The cat’s body lit up like a flare, with all the black hair standing out. He flew into the air, twisted twice, and fell, fell, fell to the floor—limp and still.

Gods, not Al!

Without Aloysius, he felt like someone turned his power switch to low. Killian whirled on the witches. The two of them stood with wide eyes staring at the scene in front of them. He started blazing power at them, bolts hitting at their feet one after another, the wood and carpet of the floor shattering. But compared to a moment ago, the bolts were weak. They had to know that. Why didn’t they fight back?

Another bolt. He didn’t want to kill them. He needed to know what this was about. Strange. They looked horrified. As he approached, they glanced at each other, turned as one, and raced out the door behind them.

Killian ran after them, out into the sunlight of the bright early-summer day. No sign. Gone. Damn, he had to see to Al.

He hurried back through the door. Shambles! He flicked his fingers and put the room to rights, then ran down the aisle of the lecture hall. Blaine knelt over Aloysius with his ear pressed to the cat’s lean flank.

Killian stooped down on Al’s other side. “How is he?”

Blaine looked up with tears in his eyes. “I think he’s breathing but just barely. And he’s not moving at all.” He sat up. “Shit, what was that all about? Who were those witches?”

“I don’t know. They just appeared when Al and I were packing up to leave.”

Blaine spread his hands. “Here, really? I thought you supernaturals didn’t like us humans to know about you.”

Killian put a hand on Blaine’s arm. Blaine was a physicist, and his acceptance of witches was always tinged with acid. He only believed because he had to. And he had to if he wanted Killian as his husband. “They must want something really badly to take the risk. And I have no idea what it is.”

Blaine frowned. “It seemed like they wanted to kill me.”

Killian shook his head. “That doesn’t make any sense. And I don’t know why they ran away. They had to know that Al magnifies my power. They outnumbered me two to one. Still, they ran.”

Blaine stroked the silky black fur and looked up at Killian with pleading eyes. “Okay, baby, do your stuff. Make him well.”

Killian took a breath. He placed both hands on the slim body. Only a small spark of life force pulsed, but it was steady. Thank gods. “He took a strong hit. Those females are very powerful.” Sadly, without Aloysius, Killian was less so.




Hearts and Flour


A raw food fanatic and a cupcake baker — can two hearts rise above the flour?


To Micah Truveen, raw, vegan food is his religion. So when his devoted customers start showing up with white flour cupcakes, Micah could kill. To cap off a rotten day before Valentine’s Day, Micah comes home to find his boyfriend, Dharamaram, in bed with someone else. In frustration, he throws the rat out and agrees to go to his friend’s orgiastic anti-Valentines party where he meets a gorgeous cross-dressing guy who gives him a night to remember.


Southerner, Quentin Darby wishes he could stop wearing women’s clothes. He desperately wants to live up to the glowing opinion his grandmother holds of him, so he’s never even told her he’s gay. And now there’s this guy who makes him wish he could just be who he is. But Micah finds out that Quentin is none other than the baker responsible for the plague of cupcakes afflicting the community! And Dharmaram adds a little blackmail to the mix. Two guys with nothing in common except love–food for thought.


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Snow Balls


​​Big, handsome and hunky, JJ LaRousse looks like an alpha male but acts like an interior decorator. And he’s trying to be happy about it — until a robbery at the famous Laguna Winter Fantasy brings JJ face-to-face with tough cop, Ryan Star. JJ hears Ryan likes guys who are manly men, so he drops his voice an octave, colors over his pink hair, and tries to pass as a football fan. Ryan Star may be tough but he hides in the closet at work since he learned in New York that being a gay cop can cost you your life. His attraction to that big, handsome kid threatens his anonymity, but he can’t seem to resist. JJ is just his type. But then JJ goes skiing and comes face to face with his greatest nemesis– and all the secrets come out of the closet. Can Ryan love JJ for who he really is? More important, can JJ?


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