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Guest Author Wednesdays ♥ Interview w/ Nicky from ‘The Alpha’s Pet’ by Shannon West

Hello everyone! I’m ecstatic to have Erotic Paranormal Romance Shannon West along with Nicky from ‘The Alpha’s Pet’ with me today. Please say hi and leave them a comment or two below.

Shannon West lives in the south, and thinks everyone else should. She is happily married with four children and two crazy dogs. The mountains where the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack series takes place are actually quite close to her home, and she walks in them often, hoping to catch a glimpse of her sexy wolves. She works a day job to support her writing habit and hopes to one day retire and just listen to the voices in her head who are clamoring to get out.

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The Alpha’s Pet

Nicky Anderson is living a normal, if hectic life as an artist and part time waiter in a large city, when he’s attacked by a mugger who slashes his throat. When he awakens, he’s naked, and surrounded by large, muscular men. Nicky feels an immediate attraction to Marco, the most handsome man Nicky has ever seen, which is strange, since Nicky is straight. His attraction is overwhelming and downright embarrassing as he licks the man and tries to climb all over him. He soon discovers he’s the newest “pet” of the Mountain Wolf Pack, and Marco is his new master. Saved from certain death, has he exchanged one horrible fate for another? All he knows is that he’s in heat for this beautiful man. When he learns his new master is a wolf shapeshifter who demands his love and obedience, he begins to wonder just what he’s gotten himself into.

Tempe: Hi Nikky. Thanks for stopping by to talk to us today. As I understand it, you were attacked by a mugger but shifters saved you. When you first awoke and saw your savior, what went through your head?

Nicky: Well, I was pretty confused, you know.  But I guess my first thought was what the heck are all these big guys doing standing around looking at me?  I was pretty disoriented, of course, and I didn’t really get my eyes open all that well until I smelled Marco.  God, he smelled so good! And the way he looked! Definitely love at first sight.

Tempe: Before that you were an artist, correct? Has that changed for you?

Nicky: Yeah, pretty much.  I was never all that great, anyway, lol.   Now I don’t have as much time to devote to it, you know, but I paint from time to time. Marco keeps me pretty busy the rest of the time.

Tempe: Up until the attack you had lived your life as a straight man, correct? How did things change for you and how did you feel about those changes?

Nicky: (blushing a little) I still don’t consider myself gay—exactly.  Nothing wrong with it, but the only man I’m interested in is Marco.  It’s a damn blood match thing—once it hits you, you have no choice in the matter. I’m pretty crazy about him, but who wouldn’t be?  Of course, he’s a total alpha—beautiful, sexy and controlling as hell.  Wolves—I mean, they’re hot, but they can be dumb as dirt. We have a pretty volatile relationship, but it’s never dull.

Tempe: What’s it like to be a “pet” for the Mountain Wolf Pack?

Nicky: Frustrating! Maddening!  I’ve made a lot of changes, but when I first came into the pack, they actually expected me to wear a collar and be hauled around on a leash.  I set them straight on that pretty quick.  The Mountain wolves are old fashioned, but I’m slowly dragging them into this century with the rest of us.

Tempe: Did you make it hard on Marco and the pack? You’re joining them, I mean, lol.

Nicky: Marco says I made his life hell, but I think he’s enjoyed every minute of it.  Well, almost. Except for that time I had to challenge him in the ancestral ring—oh, and the time he thought I went feral.  And then there was the time my friend Logan and I ran away…okay, so maybe I have made it a little hard on him.

Tempe: Any juicy tidbits you want to share about your master, Marco? We won’t tell him you told, promise. *wink*

Nicky: Well, first of all, I don’t call him my master—he wishes! But there is this very interesting part of his anatomy…you see he has this kind of knot…I’d better not tell.  Marco would kill me.  Let’s just say it brings on multiple orgasms and leave it at that.

Tempe: Spoil-sport. Before you go, tell us how things are for you now with Marco and the pack.

Nicky: Things are awesome.  Marco is coming along nicely, and the man just gets better looking every day. We’re trying hard to get the Hunters under control, and …well, better not tell.  That’s in one of the books coming up.  I think Shannon is calling it Wolfsbane.  The whole pack has to come together to save their mountain home. Pretty exciting, though.

Tempe: That does sound like a fun read. Thanks for sharing with us, Nicky. Best of luck in your new life!

Nicky: Thanks for having me, Tempe! Come visit us in the mountains—only be careful!  If you turn out to be a blood match to one of the wolves, they may not let you go back home.  Possessive, dominating, sexy beasts!

Tempe: Mmm… sounds like fun to me. Well, in bed. I’m not sure on the whole, 24/7 nature of your lives but I can’t wait to learn more. Special thanks to Shannon for letting us borrow you and have a great time. *waves*

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Cry Wolf

Casey, a good looking young wolf shifter has sworn to kill the man who killed his brother. He has joined the Mountain Wolf Pack to carry out his revenge. On his first work detail, he discovers that the handsome young man in charge is his blood mate. The trouble is, the man, whose name is Rory, is straight, and a wolf. Two wolves are allowed to mate, but only if one assumes the submissive role. Neither of these two stubborn wolves is willing to compromise. If that’s not bad enough, they soon discover that Rory is the wolf who killed Casey’s only brother. Now Casey must find some way around his sworn oath. Can the two sexy wolves overcome their distrust and hatred of each other, or will they be forced to give up their happiness, along with their only true blood mate?

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Logan’s Choice

Book 3 in the Dark Hollows Wolf Pack Series! When a Hunter is captured by the wolves they have three choices: execute him, keep him a prisoner, or make him a member of the pack. Only one man, Ian, the beta, has lost his blood mate and is willing to take on this straight, conflicted, stubborn Hunter as his mate. First Ian has to bend him to his will and then train him in the ways of the pack. Ian falls in love with his beautiful Hunter and when they’re both captured, he had to rely on Logan’s Choice–will he take his revenge, or will he finally admit how much he loves his wolf?