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Guest Author Wednesday’s ♥ KC Burn (Mistakes & Giveaways)

Hello again. It’s once again time for . . . Guest Author Wednesday! Today I’m excited to have Romance Author KC Burn with me. Don’t forget to say hi and leave her a comment below.

KC had been writing for what feels like her whole life. She’s a sucker for a happy ending (get your mind out of the gutters!) so it’s been romance almost all the way. Recently she moved from Canada to Florida with her husband (to take his dream job) and cats, and shortly thereafter discovered a love of writing gay romance – the hotter the better. Who knew?

Writing is always fun, despite the hard work, but writing about her guys is more fun than she’s had in a long time. Love between consenting adults is a beautiful thing, and should be celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation.

She’s got six (6) books out with three (3) publishers!

You can find her at:

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Today KC has stopped by to share a little with us about Mistakes She’s Made. Stay turned because she’s also giving away a copy of YOUR CHOICE from her books list (see details below).

Mistakes Ive Made

Everyone loves reading about screw-ups, right? I’ve got a sci-fi book coming out from Carina Press on July 2. It’s called Alien ‘n’ Outlaw, it’s a sequel to Spice ‘n’ Solace and it’s been… eye opening, to say the least. It illuminated a couple of mistakes I hope, as an author, to never make again.

One of the heroes in this upcoming release is named R’kos. How did I come up with that name? I don’t know. It looked cool on paper, and it seemed alien but not too alien. When I introduced him in Spice ‘n’ Solace, I assumed he’d have his own story, but that was about all the thought I gave him. Then I started writing Alien ‘n’ Outlaw and realized what an egregious error I’d made with that name.

To fully understand, we need to take a quick grammar refresher about singular possessive nouns, specifically names. If John has a cat, it’s John’s cat. If Chris has a cat, it’s Chris’s cat. Using ‘s is the possessive for singular nouns, and s’ is the possessive for plural nouns. Chris is a singular noun, hence it’s Chris’s cat, not Chris’ cat.

If R’kos has a cat… it should be R’kos’s cat. Words cannot express how much the double s and double apostrophe pains me. R’kos looks great on paper. R’kos’s looks like the dog’s… or cat’s… breakfast. Blech.

To save my bleeding eyes, I made my other hero, Darien, unable to pronounce the name R’kos and he calls R’kos Ricky. Problem solved, right?

Well, I recently got notification that Alien ‘n’ Outlaw is going to be produced in audio format, and the narrator may be contacting me to clarify pronunciation.

Um. Yeah. *I* don’t know how to pronounce R’kos. As I said, looks great on paper. I didn’t spare a second’s thought about pronunciation. So far, I’ve dodged that bullet. The narrator hasn’t contacted me… maybe he *already* knows how to pronounce it! We can only hope.

Aside from that, R’kos is one of my favourite characters, and he was a complete challenge to write. R’kos had to be alien, but he still needed to be relatable and sympathetic to us regular humans. And sexually attractive. Can’t forget that, can we? Not when I’m writing erotic romance! I think I managed – I adore him, but I’m a little biased.

Some of the characters from Spice ‘n’ Solace appear in Alien ‘n’ Outlaw, but it’s a standalone book. You don’t need to read Spice ‘n’ Solace to enjoy poor, maligned R’kos and his sexy outlaw lover.

R’kos, son of the Ankylos Emperor, is expected to settle down. But he’s much more attracted to human males than to his own species. Eager to explore his forbidden longings, he steals a ship and heads to Elora Ki to see if he can find the right human guy.

Darien robs the corrupt to give to those in need, but now he needs a ride off Elora Ki, stat. Pursued by drug lords, he accepts help from the amorous stranger who calls himself Ricky. As they fly together along Darien’s route, their friendship quickly turns into passion.

But when Ricky is injured, Darien must contact the embassy to get his alien lover the medical care he needs. As Darien finds himself accused of kidnapping, and Ricky fears his family’s disappointment, can the two protect their growing relationship? Or are their differences just too great?


Spice ‘n’ Solace

The Galactic Alliance’s most important negotiator, Jathan One-Moon, is responsible for ensuring the yearly negotiations with the Ankylos are successful. If he fails and the Ankylos go to war, the human race will likely be exterminated. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s under pressure to marry and produce an heir. When he mistakes the brothel owner, Kazha Deinos, for his escort prior to the negotiations, the resulting evening makes Jathan realize his life is missing a man who can be a true partner to him.

Cop Out

Detective Kurt O’Donnell is used to digging up other people’s secrets, but when he discovers his slain partner was married to another man, it shakes him. Determined to do the right thing, Kurt offers the mourning Davy his assistance. Helping Davy through his grief helps Kurt deal with the guilt that his partner didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth, and somewhere along the way Davy stops being an obligation and becomes a friend, the closest friend Kurt has ever had.

His growing attraction to Davy complicates matters, leaving Kurt struggling to reevaluate his sexuality. Then a sensual encounter neither man is ready for confuses them further. To be with Davy, Kurt must face the prospect of coming out, but his job and his relationship with his Catholic family are on the line. Can he risk destroying his life for the uncertain possibility of a relationship with a newly widowed man?

KC is giving away an e-copy of YOUR CHOICE from her books list to one luck winner. To enter to win you need to comment, but you can also gain up to three (3) extra entries by following her — see links below. Make sure to note how you’re following her, including name & email you follow under.



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  1. This is a funny post! I love KC’s writing and assumed everything always had a well planned purpose. Hmmm. Could R’kos be pronounced ree-kos (long o)? Since he’s alien it doesn’t have to follow English pronunciation rules, which we don’t even follow here on Earth anyway. It will be interesting to see what the reader comes up with.

    • littleflicker on May 30, 2012 at 7:27 am

    Hi KC!! I loved Cop Out…cant wait to read more! Ive been a twitter follower (@littleflicker) for a while and I added KC as a FB friend (Crissy MOrris).

    • Maria D. on May 30, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Fun post! I agree that character names end up having more importance than we sometimes think….lol…I think you can pronounce the name R’Kos anyway you want since it’s your character:)

    • Brenda on May 30, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Loved the post. And I agree with Becky. I actually was pronouncing it in my head as Ree-ko–long o sound–s.

    • KC Burn on May 30, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Whew. Managed to sneak away from the day job to come visit! Thank you, Tempeste, for hosting me today!

    Hey Becky – I hope you’re not too disappointed with me 🙂 I plan very little. I’m truly a pantser. And that’s a great suggestion for the pronunciation.

    Maria – oh the names are important, aren’t they? I had to change one of my characters names recently, and it was so hard to make the mental shift.

    Thanks, Brenda – maybe I’ll go with that pronunciation. The alternative I had in mind was arkos, with the hard k and long o sound.

    • Suze on May 30, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    I was reading it arkos too. As a reader, i kind of assume there are plot board with all this detail on before a story is formed – its always interesting to read how each author writes in reality. Loved Cop Out.

    • peggy on May 30, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Loved the post, and your books, can’t wait to read more. I now follow you on twitter (@peggyclark84) and also by RSS feed. Thanks.

    peggy1984 (at) live (dot) com

    • KC Burn on May 30, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    Crissy – thanks so much & I just got on FB to accept.

    Suze – hmm, if the narrator needs some pronunciation help, maybe I’ll flip a coin between Arkos and Reekos. I think either could work.

    Thanks, Peggy, glad you stopped by 🙂

    And for all of you who liked Cop Out, I’m days away from submitting the sequel, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

      • TempeO on May 30, 2012 at 7:55 pm

      Ohhh!!!!! I so want it then! Cop Out was the first of yours books I’ve read and loved it. <>

        • KC Burn on May 31, 2012 at 7:02 am

        Thanks Tempeste 🙂

    • Michelle on May 30, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Very interesting…who knew? I like Reekos it seems to make more sense as the nickname used is Ricky? Eh, but I’m not the author…as someone else said, you are in charge here! I also quite enjoyed Cop Out and would be happy to win so I can take Spice ‘n’ Solace off the wishlist. (sent FB friend request under Michelle Long chellebe at comcast dot net)
    Thanks, Michelle

      • KC Burn on May 31, 2012 at 7:03 am

      Hmm… yes, you could be right about the Reekos/Ricky. Glad you liked Cop Out!

    • arella3173 on May 30, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    Fun post! haha… I enjoyed reading it!
    Ahh! and a sequel for Cop Out?! Really?! Awesome!! I am SO looking forward to that!! lol…

    😉 Please enter me in the contest too..
    Following on twitter(@Arella3173) & FB(Judianna Pech)

    (I really have no idea what RSS is for…)


      • KC Burn on May 31, 2012 at 7:05 am

      Hi Judi – well, a sequel for Cop Out if Dreamspinner likes it, of course. Believe me, I’ll keep Twitter & FB up to date on that 🙂

  2. Oh, I want to read them so bad !!! “Spice ‘n Solace” and “Alien ‘n Outlaw” sound so good.

    We already follow each other on Twitter: HarperKingsley0 and I send a request on FB, HarperKingsley

    HarperKingsley0.0 @

      • KC Burn on May 31, 2012 at 7:08 am

      Thanks Harper! I think we’re all connected up, now!

    • LINDA B on June 2, 2012 at 8:11 am


    • LINDA B on June 3, 2012 at 12:55 pm


  3. I love K.C.’s stories. She’s the first M/M author I read and inspired me to write it myself ^.^ Yes, she knows all this, I seem to say it whenever she’s around. I’d love a chance to win a book. I’m already following her on twitter and facebook.


  4. Forgot to say congrats on the audio version ^.^ That’s so cool. I’d guess R’Kos was pronounced Ruhkos or Rahkos, or something like that.

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