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Guest Author Wednesdays ♥ Dianne Hartsock

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to have M/M Romance Author Dianne Hartsock with me today as my first ever author for Guest Author Wednesdays ♥. Each Wednesday I will feature an author who writes GLBTQ Romance. So, without further ado . . .

Dianne lives in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon with her incredibly patient husband, who puts up with the endless hours she spends hunched over the keyboard letting her characters play.

She says Oregon’s raindrops are the perfect setting in which to write her tales. There’s something about being cooped up in the house while it pours rain outside and a fire crackles on the hearth inside that kindles her imagination.

Currently, Dianne works as a floral designer in a locally-owned gift shop. Which she says is the perfect job for her. When not writing, she can express herself through the rich colors and textures of flowers and foliage.

She loves to hear from fans:

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Erotic = Erotica + Love

Thank you so much, Tempeste, for having me as your guest today. You know, there seems to be a bit of confusion between what’s erotic romance and erotica. I’ve even had one publishing house describe my work as ‘borderline pornography’ but that’s another story!

To me, pornography and erotica deal strictly with the act of sex. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am style. Erotic romance, however, is all about falling in love. There’s nothing better than a truly romantic story with believable characters and interesting plots. The only difference in erotic romance from ‘traditional’ or ‘closed door’ romance stories, is that with the erotic, you get to crawl into bed with your hero and experience his loving right along with him. How cool is that?

The sex definitely has to be realistic and hot! But I have to love and sympathize with my characters also. If they can make me laugh and cry and be happy for them, then I know I’ve written something worthwhile.

Nevil sat up, pushing him away. “You have to stop or I’ll lose it right now,” he panted, squeezing his shaft near his bulging scrotum.

“Would that be so bad?”

“No. Maybe…” Nevil rubbed a hand over his sweating forehead. “God, Shelton, you have me so dizzy I can’t think. Maybe you should get inside me now.” Shelton flushed with heat, aroused and trying not to make a fool of himself by blurting out how he really felt about Nevil. How he loved him.

Seeing his panic, Nevil kissed him, fondness warming his eyes. “Just lie on your back and let me take care of you.”

Shelton settled on the sheets and stared at the pool of light on the ceiling, his chest heaving. He never knew Nevil could be so kind. His desire for him poured from Shelton’s heart and flooded his body. Shelton trembled, knowing he would soon be inside him, closer than he’d been to anyone in his life. 

Shelton in Love

Love is complicated! Falling in love more so. What attracts one person to another? Is it the way a smile catches the eye? Is it body type? A laugh? What attracts me most in a man? What is the first thing I notice? I love this part of writing. I get to live in the shoes of my main character.

That wickedly attractive man just smiled at me! I feel the heat of a flush in my face. My heartbeats quicken. I lick suddenly dry lips. My palm is sweaty with nervousness while his is cool, his handshake confident and friendly. I bite my lip, my body responding to his nearness. His warmth envelops me. I smell his subtle, delicious cologne. I hear his quickened breath and know he’s aware of me too.

Do you see how I’m engaging my senses at this point? I touch his wrist and shiver pleasantly at the tickle of fine hair on his arm. His skin is warm and smooth under my fingers and I can imagine the salty taste of it under my tongue.

You see why I love writing romantic fiction? I try to capture all the senses in a scene: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. This is what makes love sensual rather than just a physical act. You feel the glide of skin on skin. You hear the pants and quickly drawn breaths. You see the sweat glisten on an upper lip. You taste their kisses. You smell perfume and heated skin.

Taden threaded his fingers in the curls brushing his stomach and urged Nathaniel’s head back. Nathaniel’s green eyes met his in a flash of desire, and Taden had to clear his throat. “Undress for me, Nattie. I need to see you.”

A grin flashed across Nathaniel’s face and he rose fluidly to his feet. “As you wish, my lord,” he teased. Taden kissed him, tasting the pre-cum on his glistening lips. “My love,” he groaned against Nathaniel’s mouth, emotion rising in his chest.

Nathaniel inexplicably flinched at his words and a fey, wild look came into his face. His white teeth bit into his pale bottom lip, and Taden watched a drop of blood swell from the wound. Mesmerized, he licked the dark bead from Nathaniel’s mouth, and an animalistic need surged through his body. He plunged his tongue between the slippery lips and ravaged the softness within.

He protested when Nathaniel shoved him off. He stood quivering, breathing hard as Nathaniel laughed and pulled Taden’s shirt over his head. With quick movements, Nathaniel stripped out of his own clothing. Taden couldn’t help but stare at the lean, white body bathed in sunlight, the dark nipples tight on the molded chest, the blatant erection ready for his touch.

“Nattie,” he whispered, feeling the heart racing under the hand he placed on his darling’s chest. The contrast of pale skin and his own sun-darkened hand sent him over the edge. He pushed Nathaniel back against the trunk of a large pine and captured his stained lips in a brutal kiss. He ground his hips against the slim body trapped in his arms. Nathaniel shifted, and Taden groaned as his cock was gripped with strong fingers.


I love to drown in a character’s feelings, the more intense the better I like it. Do they love the person they’re with? Hate them? Do they feel secure? Is there someone else they’d rather be with? Is there guilt involved? Insecurity? Do they stop thinking altogether and just experience the moment? Do they long to be with them forever?

Writing sensuality into a story can be draining and arousing, but I think it’s the best part of romance and should never be neglected. Let your characters experience love as fully as you do! It’s definitely rewarding. And besides, it’s a fun way to play out your fantasies!


Don’t you just want to know more about the stories Dianne uses as examples? Well, I did and thought you would like them too.


Shelton in Love

Breathless Press:

Shelton is falling hard for his best friend and roommate, finding Nevil’s dark good looks and moments of gentleness almost impossible to resist. But Nevil is more interested in affairs of the body than the heart. As Shelton’s desire for the man grows, he wonders if he can change Nevil’s mind. But does he even want to? Nevil might not stay, once he learns Shelton’s secret, and then his loneliness would be complete.



Etopia Press:

From the moment Taden rescues Nathaniel from the Sutherlin soldiers’ torture, he finds himself caught in the gaze of the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen; amazing eyes that hold him thrilled and confused. The Sutherlins are planning to invade the beautiful Tahon Valley, but as Taden secrets Nathaniel from their reach, he finds himself drawn to the young man. Not only does he feel the urge to protect him, but he feels an ache he hasn’t felt in many long years.  

Nathaniel claims to be a traveler from a distant continent, saying he comes in peace. True or not, the youth has powers beyond anything Taden has seen—control over men and animals and the very weather. Taden falls hard for the strange traveler, protecting him not only from the Sutherlins but from his own mistrustful people, who don’t understand Nathaniel’s powers and accuse him of being a witch…