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Guest Author Wednesdays ♥ Antonio

Hello everyone! I’m ecstatic to have M/M author Antonio with me today. He shares a bit about himself and he even brought a guest… Please say hi and leave a comment or two below.

Antonio was called to write at various times in his life. When he was young, the writing consisted of plays and short stories. Then he explored the fine arts and literature, earning a bachelor’s degree in the latter, while minoring in art history. In his studies he was fascinated by and enjoyed analyzing characters, their personalities and motivations. To him it’s always been the characters that make a story special. Once again, writing has taken hold of him. In the past it was just an amusement, but now—for Antonio—writing is a passion to live, eat, and breathe. 

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About me

I am a 45 yr old Puerto Rican male. I’ve lived in Florida since I was five.

What do I find the hardest part of being an author?

The editing stage is always hard because I’m not a great typist and make some embarrassing typing mistakes.

What’s my favorite thing about writing?

I enjoy creating a world or sharing parts of the world I know, and then populating it with my own creations. It can be empowering and fun.

Just how h.o.t. are most of my books?

For some readers they are a little too hot and for others not hot enough. It varies from book to book, I go where the story and characters lead me. In a lot of ways I’m a voyeur reporting back on what I see.

Do I have a specific writing style?

My style is direct and not flowery.

How sweet or romantic do they tend to be?

The romance happens naturally in my books as it would in real life. In Dueling Divas the main characters are thrust together under unusual and funny circumstances which I don’t want to give away. That romance is sweet, but in Dead Men Tell Tales it’s very different. In Dead Men Tell Tales I wanted to create a main character that people wouldn’t necessarily bond with or like right away. So the romance in that story is not typical. While it does have a sweet side it’s more surprising, strong, and passionate. Being a Latin male my characters tend to reflect my more passionate nature.

What is my favorite storyline/angst situation and why? What inspired me to write about it?

I try not to write angst, it’s overdone and boring. Nobody likes being around angst-ridden people in real life so why should they like reading about them. For those of you still reading this after that, I’ll continue. Each book is like a child, impossible to choose a favorite. I like them all for what they bring to the table. One of my favorite films, Agatha Christie’s: Evil Under the Sun with Diana Rigg inspired Dueling Divas. I liked the way the film was more about the characters and how they interacted, than the actual mystery. In Dueling Divas it’s all about the characters, how they relate to one another while dealing with murder, and their reactions to one of the characters coming out and finding love. Another thing I loved in Evil Under the Sun was the campiness and the glamour. In Dueling Divas there’s a singing contest involving male contestants in drag (and one slightly confused married female housewife with small kids) which provides plenty of fun, slightly campy scenes filled with glamour. I loved the book and the ideas of family it explores.

After writing Dueling Divas, I needed a change. I wanted to challenge myself and write a book featuring characters that were slightly darker than people might expect. Some people may even dislike the main character—at first. But why write the same goody, goody types? Thus Dead Men Tell Tales was born. And I enjoyed the process of writing a story and throwing everything in it but the kitchen sink (LOL). There are ghosts, prostitutes, threesomes, twosomes—you name it. I think true love even rears its head.

So to answer the question all my books are my favorites. I don’t write any that I don’t absolutely love.

Boxers or briefs?

Briefs during the day and absolutely nothing at all in bed at night.

Favorite author?

Myself—if I don’t say it who will?

Favorite quote

From Auntie Mame—“Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death”

What’s next for me?

I’ll be talking about my newest book which I published on Blue Light by Night on Jan 11th for guest author Saturday. I’m currently finishing up my first YA novel and next year I will be attending the Rainbow conference for writers, readers and artists which will be held in Tampa, Fl. April 17th–20th.

My blog has all up to date information plus a free blog exclusive story with a new chapter every Monday. There’s also a preview of Blue Light by Night.

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Dead Men Tell Tales
a New Eden Tale

Mason Kincaid’s life is about to change. He’s adjusting to being alone a year after the death of his lover when a call from his wayward sister sends him out west to New Eden to bring not only her, but her twin sons and a stepson home.

On the outskirts of New Eden, Mason secures a room in the last place his sister’s abusive boyfriend would expect: an adult motel where an eccentric madam allows the children to stay for a price. Despite her warnings about a resident ghost, after one night, Mason’s sure that fending off groping apparitions and violent johns will be his biggest problems. But when he meets Officer Ken Cannon for the second time, it’s at the scene of a double murder.

With possibility of romance looming in the background, bodies start piling up around Mason. While learning who he can trust, he must deal with a lovesick teenager, a ghost with a message for him, and becoming the owner of a hotel that once belonged to his “friendly” ghost. A hotel someone’s willing to kill for.

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Mason Kincaid from Dead Men Tell Tales

How did you first meet your writer?

I met him when he saw a picture of me taking a bath in a steel drum in the middle of the desert.

Did you ever think your life would end up being in a book?

Hell, yes! After everything that happened to me when I got to New Eden how could it not be in a book. First I had to deal with murder, then I had a ghost trying to f*** my ass—sorry I’m working on the language. Anyway I had to deal with a couple of ghosts, and a lot of crap. But I will say being in the desert and dealing with that heat go ta lot of things stirring besides ghosts. Hell, the romance part alone could fill a freaking book!

Do you like the way the book ended?

Yeah. You can’t beat a happy ending in every sense of the word (LOL).

Dueling Divas
an Avondale Story

The Next Club Superstar contest is just the venue Nash Argento needs to further his career as a singer. There’s only one problem: he has to dress in drag.

With the help of his best female friend, Nash negotiates the challenges of becoming a drag queen in order to compete. But his troubles are far from over. His key competitor is Stacey—a biological woman. Incensed, Nash tries to get her disqualified, but Stacey is desperate for the money, and with the help of her quirky divorcée best friend and the best friend’s lawyer from sites as

Bobby Carter is a lonely librarian looking for Mr. Right—and he’s looking in Nash’s direction. Nash seems to be everything Bobby needs… and then he brings Nash home for dinner and discovers Nash is his sister’s main competition. Nash and Stacey get to know each other and even become friends—and just in time. Someone is murdering the contestants one by one, and Nash and Stacey will need all the help they can get to escape the cruel fate the murderer has planned for them.

Dreamspinner Press

Interview with Stacey from Dueling Divas

How did you first meet your writer?

Apparently I came to mind when Antonio, the writer, was dragged out to a gay nightclub by his brother and a cousin. He’s not fond of clubs and pictured someone else who might be out of their element there. Thus I came into the world.

Did you ever think your life would end up being in a book?

Lets just say I’m not surprised. When my crazy divorcee friend Arlena pushed me to enter The Next Club Superstar contest I thought my life had taken a turn toward crazy. I’m the mother of three small children and there I was—the only female in a contest full of men in drag. But that was just the beginning, not only do I get in a fight with one man in ugly drag, who is my biggest competition, but he ends up dating my brother. Not to mention we didn’t even know my brother was gay. Let’s see now: dealing with a singing contest, a brother coming out of the closet and lets not forget a serial killer too. Some of us barely escaped with our lives. If all those things aren’t perfect ingredients for a book I don’t know what is.

Do you like the way the book ended?

Yes, I do. It ended the right way. The journey was an interesting one for me, too. I discovered a world I never knew existed, and met people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. My world expanded in a good way, though I may not have realized that at first.

Blue Light by Night
a Layton Shayne Mystery

Detective, and ex-military man, Layton Shayne’s newest case has taken him from his home out west into the dark and ominous swamplands of Louisiana. His client Leticia Carter has only told him that the case is simple and involves three siblings with the last name of Kennedy. Layton’s job is to discover who should inherit the old family estate located in Shelby, a town so small it doesn’t even show up on most maps. Immediately after he entered Shelby, the detective met some colorful and mysterious characters. It wasn’t long before he discovered that there was an ancient supernatural element which held the citizens of the town in fear.

Soon after meeting the Kennedy sisters and their handsome brother Alex, Layton noticed that the old southern veneer of the town was thin and disintegrating by the minute. He’d need to depend on his military training to learn not just who to trust, but in order to survive. Somehow in the middle of all this, love comes to the lovelorn detective from more than one direction. Layton knows that work comes first and the case he is there to solve, which sounded so simple, is anything but that. If Layton manages to survive night treks through the swamp, an impromptu trip to New Orleans, some wise-cracking kids, and the lusty inhabitants of Shelby, he still has to come up against supernatural forces and mysterious blue light orbs with the power to kill.

No matter what the outcome, Layton Shayne’s life will never be the same.


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