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Guest Author Wednesday’s ♥ A.M. Burns

Hello everyone! I’m ecstatic to have Erotic Paranormal Romance Author A.M. Burns with me today. Please say hi and leave him a comment or two below.

A.M. Burns started writing in high school for a way to pass the time. Over the years his writing and imagination have developed to the point where he was ready to share his stories with the world. He has a vast love of nature, and hopes that is conveyed in his writing. In his adult life he has lived in California, Colorado and Texas. He is a member of the Colorado Springs Fictions Writers Group.

A lifelong love of birds, lead him to become a falconer and he currently enjoys hunting with his tiercel red-tailed hawk Zephyr. In addition to his hawk he shares his home with several dogs, a couple of cats, various rodents, a pair of horses and his loving partner.

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A Better Place

As a gay man and LGBT writer, I try to make my character interesting and authentic at the same time. I read a lot of gay fiction and am continually amazed by the stereotypes that end up there. It’s easy to say that there are stereotypes for a reason, but in the ever-evolving world we live in, stereotypes quickly become out-dated. When was the last time you saw a guy with a Village People mustache and could be sure he was gay? I’m so over the catty gay men visual, or the idea that all gay men hang out in bars. Bars are so last decade in the lives of most gay men. They were places to meet, just like bathhouses, adult bookstores, and roadside rest stops. Today gay men meet online and at functions for the gay and lesbian center.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are still folks out there that haven’t changed. Folks that live for the guy staring across a smoke filled bar at them…wait a lot of bars are now smoke free. See stereotypes change.

Being a writer, I understand the power of the written word and how it can change the world we live in. Words can heal, and words can tear open wounds we never knew were there. I try to use my words to educate. Most of my main characters are gay. I write mostly urban fantasy. This means I have a lot of gay dragons, wizards, witches, werecreatures and even a few vampires. Readers eat this stuff up right now. Some of the most popular books, movies and television have been in the genre of fantasy in one form or another the past few years. That and I enjoy creating it. These guys are fun to write.

Overall, I get good reviews of my work, which makes me feel good, but every so often, I get folks who want my characters to be gayer…. I pause and ask myself how can I make my characters gayer? They are attracted to other men, isn’t that gay? One very nice female reviewer recently told me in a private email that there weren’t enough snide comments being made, or enough sex to hold her attention. Most of my urban fantasies aren’t written as romances. Do people read Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files for the sex? No they read them for the magical action and mystery aspects. That’s why I write my Yellow Sky and E.S. Peters series, magical action and mystery adventure, I just wanted to have characters I could relate to…aka, gay characters. I’ve also had several readers, other gay men, who send me compliments for writing books that they could get into, where the characters were gay, realistic and reminded them of themselves, without having the gay aspect shoved down their throats. By the way, for the romance aspect which I do enjoy reading and writing from time to time, you can check out my other pen name A.J. Marcus.

I like showing my characters in stable loving relationships, what one of my writing friends calls boring relationships. Most of the conflict in my books is not between the main characters, but with other characters, or the situations they find themselves in. I want to show people that gay couples can have loving, lasting relationships just like anyone else. This is my reality and I believe more people need to be exposed to it. Sure some conflict arises from time to time, but it isn’t all that the stories need to be about. Sometimes isn’t getting through life and handling everything that life throws at you enough conflict without getting it from the people you are closest to as well?

So I write dragons who worry more about where they left a stash of books two hundred years ago than they do about where the next trick is going to be found. Yeah for a while I had a vampire hitting the bars, but it was more for a meal that a lay. My wizard worries about solving his latest case, he knows his werewolf partner is going to be waiting for him when he gets home, just like I know my partner is going to be waiting for me when I get home. I think this is very important in our world right now. With gay civil rights being pushed to the forefront of politics across our world, we need to make sure that the image that is being portrayed is the modern one where men form lasting, loving relationship and settle down. Even when writing the fantastical, writers can still impact how people see the gay men and women they encounter in their day to day lives. I hope they look around and say “If Tal and Alex are okay, then maybe Bob and Ted are too.” If I can accomplish that with my writing that’s not too sexy, not too snarky, but very entertaining, then I’m using my powers for good, and hopefully making the world a better place.

My latest release is “Perfect Trouble” the second in the E.S. Peters series.

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When Connor Wildman opens a portal to another world in his closet, Ethan Samuel Peters is called in to find the young man. With his trusty werewolf partner, Dusty, at his side, Ethan enters the portal and finds himself in the realm of Fairie. The realm beyond the portal is in chaos due to Connor’s unauthorized visit. Ethan must fight his way through angry elves and emboldened trolls to reunite Connor with his family, while trying to stop the Fairie Queen from declaring war on Earth. Meanwhile, can Ethan’s assistant Tiffany find the person responsible for the theft of sacred objects all over Dallas? The second book in the E.S. Peters investigations series brings even more action than the first and delves deeper into an elegant cast of characters.