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Goals, health, and loss….

Afternoon all!

Instead of letting my negative losses get to me, I’m trying to focus on the positive. I’ve lost a whole person weight wise, but I need to evict another. To do that, I’m monitoring me diet, trying to get more active (ha-ha, yeah, that’s so easy when I can’t do anything right :/ ), and being more open with my goals.

I know, everyone wants to weigh less/more/different than they do, but I need to for my health. I’m not 100% sure the best way to do this, as the nutritionist my Dr. sent me to was not helpful. No guides, just “eat enough to feel almost full” or “watch your carb and fat intake”. Yeah, like we don’t all know to watch our intake *sigh*. If it were that easy, no one would be over weight that didn’t choose it, right?

Add in that I use a wheelchair (I love my chair, yet completely hate it. Yes, I know that makes no sense, ask anyone that’s been forced into one, it’s a love/hate thing until it becomes just another part of you—or so I’ve been told. Not to that point yet) and it’s beyond hard. I can’t walk/jog/run. Thanks to the EDS I can’t lift, play sports, use 99% of exercise equipment….

BUT, I refuse to allow my body’s failing health to ruin my enjoyment in life. Yes, I know that was a lot of ‘can’t’ and all, but I don’t want to let my genetic disorder rule my life. So, to help in that goal, I’m going to lose weight, go trough a pain and rehab clinic to better deal with the sever chronic pain and build up my mobility within the bounds of what it can be, and I’m going to work my damnedest to have a more positive attitude. Being a disabled, single parent was never something I wanted to be, but I wouldn’t give up a thing about my kids, my work (hello, author here, lol), or my wonderful friends (for those of you that follow me on FB and gave hugs, pics, words of love and hope, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much it meant to me last night and today to read all your loving comments! You truly battled my emotional pain and brought smiles and laughs to me again).

Now, how to I lose weight, get as healthy as I can—taking into account my body and all—and keep motivated? Yeah, that’s the hard part right now. I’m searching for ways, but I hate F2F social things for health, mobility, migraine reasons so that’s another limitation. BTW, I truly hate limitations! But, I thought I’d let you be my goal keepers Open-mouthed smile so I’ve added a weight loss ticker to my sidebar right along with my writing goals. I will update it on Mondays and hopefully we can all watch my flutterby get closer and closer to the pot o’ gold <3

Anyone want to join me?