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Free Fiction Friday: Chances, Part 4

Morning everybody! Ready for a little more of “Chances”… Today I have part four for you. Hope you enjoy my little flash serial!

* * *

“Delicious, and the fry was pretty good too.”

“You’re the naughty little one, huh?” Ry asked, his voice deeper than before. “I’d feed you more, but I have a feeling the other patrons of the restaurant might object.”

Tucker shrugged, please with how affected Ry seemed to be. “So, since I have to behave now, what do you suggest for the main course?”

“Well, that depends on your particular tastes and preferences.”

Somehow, Tucker didn’t think Ry was only referring to the food choices. Swallowing his sudden spike of nerves, he focused on the actual food, instead of all the other ways that could be taken. “I’ve not eaten much food like what’s listed but I know I like Indian, Mexican, and Thai. Does that help?”

“Mmm…” Ry’s little moan sounds as he stared at the menu shot straight to Tucker’s groin. He couldn’t remember anyone ever catching his interest this fully so quickly. “You want to split two plates instead of ordering one each only? The Indian Thali Plate and the East West Quesadillas work well as a group meal in my opinion.”

Tearing his eyes away from the beautiful face across from him took effort, but he managed to focus on the menu and after reading what each dish was, he agreed, pleased Ry wanted to share with him. “Thanks.”

“It’s just food.”

Just food, yes, but in all the time he’d been with Carl, they never shared dishes, Carl insisting it was stupid and that they should just order what they wanted. Tucker had always thought it fun to try new things and very… couple-y, for lack of a better word, to share. “I guess, but still, thank you.” Hoping to move things along, and not seem too weird or maudlin, he asked, “So, you’re a librarian and a student at the university, plus you ride a Harley, and have a thing for purple. Anything else I should know?”

“Hmm… I rarely eat meat, my hair color changes often, I don’t bottom, and I think preppy guys are sexy.”

It took Tucker a minute to realize what all Ry’s had said, his brain stuck on the word sexy. Ry really thought he was sexy? “You think I’m sexy?” Wait, did he say he didn’t bottom? Yes! That was another of the issues he’d had with Carl. Carl, like most men he knew, was a switch. Tucker didn’t think there was anything wrong with that, but he honestly didn’t care for topping, much preferring to be the one receiving the pounding. He’d topped, of course, when he knew it was what his partner wanted, but it wasn’t fulfilling.

“Very,” Ry purred, a wicked smile crossing his otherwise sweet face. “And the other point I made?”

It was the first time since they’d met that Ry showed any hint of nervousness or concern. Tucker rather liked knowing that he wasn’t the only one feeling the uncertainty and excitement of their—hopefully—first date. He didn’t want it to be a one-time only thing, not if they continued to get along so well.


“Are you ready to order?” their server asked, startling them both, if the little jump Ry made at the words was anything to go by.

“Yes, we’ll have the Indian Thali Plate and the East West Quesadillas, plus two extra plates so we can share.” Ry was so confident that Tucker didn’t even think about the fact the man had ordered for him as well. Not until after she left, at least.

“I could have ordered my half.”

“True, but since we were sharing, why? Does it truly bother you, having your date care for you?”

Tucker thought about that a moment, but couldn’t think of a reason to be upset. “I didn’t expect you to order for me as well, that’s all. I don’t mind though. I…”

“You’re not used to having someone care what you want?”

Shaking his head, and then nodding, before stopping and tilting his head as he stared at Ry, he mumbled, “Not in a very long time.”

“That’s a pity. Sounds like you need to date a different kind of guy than you have been.”

“Of that, I couldn’t agree more. Oh, and that’s great as I don’t like to top.” Tucker knew his face was red if the heat suddenly radiating off him was any indication. He’d said it though and couldn’t bring himself to regret it when Ry grinned wide before leaning forward.

“Oh, you are delish, aren’t you? I simply love a man that knows what he wants.”

Tuckers mouth went Sahara dry at the heated look in Ry’s eyes. At that moment, he was glad they were somewhere public, as he wasn’t really sure how well he would hold out if he could get his hands on Ry right then. He shifted, trying to find more room in his suddenly painfully tight jeans as the server dropped off their plated and food.

Once he calmed down some, he had a lot of fun chatting and eating with Ry. As the date wore on, he found hope building little by little, no matter how many times he told himself it didn’t matter, that it was fine either way.

When the check came, Ry snatched it up before Tucker could. The boy-man–twenty-nine or not, he didn’t look more than twenty, if—grinning when Tucker failed to pick up the bill folder. “I asked you out, Tucker, so I pay.”

Tucker fought with himself, trying not to argue when he noticed the steel in Ry’s eyes. No one paid for him, ever. Not even in all the time he was with Carl had anyone ever picked up the tab but him. “I… Thank you, Riley.”

“Good, glad I don’t have to wrestle you for it. Well, actually, that might be fun,” Ry added with a wink.

* * *

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