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Free Fiction Friday: Chances, Part 2

Morning all! Ready for a little more of “Chances”… Of course you are Winking smile

* * *

By the time he made it to the library, it was ten ‘til closing. He whipped into the parking lot, parked, and hustled inside as quick as he could manage.

Skidding to a stop at the front desk, Tucker flashed his best smile at the young man behind the long counter. “Hi, I’m Tucker Vance. I need to pick up a couple of books on hold for me.”

The pimply faced guy behind the desk looked up, a frown on his long, thin face. “Cuttin’ it kinda close mister, ain’t ya?”

“Sorry, traffic. If I can get my books, I’ll get out of your way.”

“Zeke, be nice,” a deep, melodious voice said from behind Tucker.

The sound slithered up his spine before he really even thought about it. He’d not let anyone affect him in years, not even once he knew of Carl’s betrayal. He didn’t trust easily, but something about the voice got to him. Turning slowly, he looked around and down until he took in the only other man in the front area. He wasn’t all that tall, but was impressively built, and damn! was he sexy. Delicate boned, decked out in tight black jeans, a long sleeved T under and short sleeve Iron Man T-shirt, a wallet chain, biker boots, leather jacket in hand, and a chain around his neck. The white blond and vibrant purple hair stood out but somehow seemed to compliment the man’s features, not detract as he would have expected.

Tucker had never been one for flashy men, or rough biker boys for that matter, but something about this guy had his libido interested. “Hello.”

“Hey.” The stranger smiled, a wide flirtatious look that intrigued Tucker even more than the man’s looks or voice. “Uh, he’s talking to you,” the guy said, gesturing to Zeke.

“Huh? Oh.” Tucker turned back to the snippy boy, but pasted a smile back on. “Sorry, what was that?”

“I said, I need to see your ID.”

“Right. Sorry.” Tucker pulled out his wallet and extracted his university ID and handed it over.

The entire time Zeke worked to scan the ID and books before handing it all over, the stranger watched Tucker, his eyes never leaving Tucker for long.

“Ry, stop staring at the dude,” Zeke snapped at his friend.

Ry? Tucker liked it, though he wondered what it was short for.

“Not staring, Z. Shut up.”

“I don’t mind,” Tucker mumbled, not able to make his voice louder. It was nice to have someone attractive look at him in interest, not that he thought it meant anything, but still… it was nice.

Ry stepped closer as Tucker gathered his books from the counter. “You a prof here?”

“Sometimes.” He only taught part-time for the Engineering Department, his main focus being the design of unique home and office spaces via his architectural design company.

Ry looked him up and down once, a slow smile spreading across his beatific face. “Evasive and hot, I like.” He stepped closer and held out his hand. “Riley Ward.”

Instead of taking Ry’s hand in a normal handshake, Tucker gently took Ry’s fingers, turning and raising his hand slightly. He then bent to give a barely there kiss to the back of the knuckles. “Enchanted,” he murmured as he looked up through his lashes. Not releasing Ry’s hand, Tucker straightened, enjoying the light flush and wide eyes his actions received. “I’m Tucker, as you heard.”

“I, uh…”

“Riley!” Zeke snapped, throwing a paper clip at the sexy but befuddled man as Tucker continued to hold his hand. “Stop gawking and get out of here.”

Tucker ignored Zeke’s outburst, waiting to see what Ry would do. He didn’t have to wait long. “Z, cut the crap and do your job or you won’t have one for long,” Ry ground out, not taking his eyes off Tucker.

“Puh-lese, like you could run this place without me.”

Ry’s head snapped to the side, a dark glower flowing across his face. “I can and will if you can’t do your job right. Now, while you finish, I’m going to escort the nice man here to his car. And clean up the clip.” Before his words faded, Ry looked back to Tucker and grinned again. “How about if I walk you out? It seems the library is closed and we’re in the way.”

Releasing Ry’s hand was harder than he wished to acknowledge right then, but he did, then shifted the heavy books before agreeing, following along with Ry until they stood outside.

“Cool ride,” Ry said, tipping his chin to Tucker’s SUV.

“Thanks. Where’s yours?” Just then he noticed the deep purple colored Harley he’d parked beside and not even paid attention to. “Wait, is that yours?”

“You like Harley’s?”

“I like bikes in general, though I don’t have one.” Carl hates motorcycles, insisting they were dangerous and only gangbangers and fools that wanted to die rode them. Tucker’d given his up not long after he started dating Carl, though now he couldn’t quite remember why he’d thought listening to the idiot was a good idea. “Other than a Harley, what kind is it?”

“It’s a Night Rod® Special in Deep Pearl Plum.” The pride in Ry’s voice was only barely more than the swagger in his motions as he stepped closer to his bike. “Maybe I could take you for a spin sometime?”

Oh, damn. Tucker wanted to say yes, but the kid had bad boy player written all over him. Still… “I…”

“Tucker? How about if I ask you to dinner and promise to pick up on my bike later?” Ry purred.

“I… I don’t trick.”

“Neither do I. I’m asking you out, to a restaurant, not for a quickie. Now, you want to ditch the control and preppy life and come out with me?”

“I’d like that, but how about if we meet there and depending on how things go, you might give me that ride after you feed me.” Tucker winked, his stomach doing an amazing impression of  a cross between a pretzel and a swarm of hyperactive butterflies.

“Great!” Ry smiled up at Tucker as he tucked a bit of purple hair behind one ear. “Meet me at the Laughing Seed over on Wall Street at seven thirty then?”

“Seven thirty. I’ll be there.”

They stood together, neither moving until a door slammed nearby. “Well, I need to head out if I’m going to meet you soon.”

“See ya, Tucker.” The heated look and how Ry’s voice dropped a little had Tucker’s heart racing even as he wondered what the hell he was doing. Ignoring the little voice, he spun around and climbed into his SUV. Refusing to allow himself to watch Ry get on the bike and leave, he quickly started the vehicle and headed home, hoping he wasn’t making a huge mistake.

* * *

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