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Follow the Rainbow – What does writing GLBTQ literature mean to me?


This weekend I, along with a great many other GLBTQ authors are participating in the “Follow the Rainbow” Blog Hop in celebration of their new book review site! If you haven’t stopped by there, take a moment to check it out – Rainbow Book Reviews.

I sat here, staring at the question asked “What does writing GLBTQ literature mean to me?” and my mind blanked. The problem is that it means so many things to me that I wasn’t sure where to start. :c)

Sharing the stories of the loving men that live in my imagination is not an agenda for me, but an offering to others of the love I have seen and that I wish was more scene by others. It’s also a way to share my hopes.

I was raised in a repressive area in the South, but my best friend growing up was gay, I’m bi, some of our friends were gay, bi, lesbian (I didn’t know any Trans at the time, sorry). And while we were close and protected one another, we didn’t have any real role models or successful relationships to hold on to. So for me, writing GLBTQ stories is about having those HEAs we never thought possible. Having them with sexy abs, broad shoulders, and big . . . hearts (come on people, please – big HEARTS) just makes the stories of love, triumph, and growth that much better.

From August 24th – August 26th, you can HOP around the blogs, comment at each and – follow their rules – be entered to win 70+ giveaways!


  • Rainbow Book Reviews will provide 4 Book Gift Vouchers (All Romance or Amazon) of $25.00 each and pick winners at random from comments on the Rainbow Book Reviews blog.
  • Several publishers have already generously donated the following prizes:
    • Amber Allure – 9 winners
      3 downloads per day for a total of 9 downloads
    • Bold Strokes Books – 10 winners
      10 books in any format the winner chooses
    • Dreamspinner Press – 3 winners
      3 vouchers worth $20 each
    • Less Than Three Press – 1 winner
      1 voucher for the website, worth $25
    • Riptide Publishing – 5 winners
      5 readers their choice of any of the following books, each the first in their series:

    • Torquere Press
      3 gift vouchers of $10 each for Torquere Press – 3 winners
      2 gift vouchers for $10 each for Prizm (the YA imprint) – 2 winners
    • Untreed Reads – 3 winners
      3 coupons worth $10 each


  • $10 ARe Gift Bucks for one lucky commenter (please include your email in your comment).
    [[What’s your favorite type of M/M hero?]]

Yep, we’re doing THAT MUCH. You can comment on 1 or all 70+ and be entered that many times for the grand prizes (plus all the fabu prizes throughout the HOP)!


1. Tara Lain

2. Jaime Samms

3. Jack Scott

4. Erastes

5. Gale Stanley

6. Amelia Gormley

7. Jon Michaelsen

8. Ana Bosch

9. D.C. Juris

10.Brandon Shire

11. Anne Barwell

12. Shira Anthony

13. Avril Ashton

14. Margie Church

15. Charlie Cochet

16. Sarah Madison

17. James Fessenden

18. H.C. Brown

19. Amelia June

20. Tali Spencer

21. M.A. Church

22. Ellen Holiday

23. Andrew Grey

24. Tempeste O’Riley

25. S. A. Garcia

26. V.S. Morgan

27. Harper Bliss

28. Lou Sylver

29. Rowan Speedwell 

30. R.J. Scott

31. Elin Gregory

32. Kendall McKenna

33. Katey Hawthorne

34. Zahra Owens

35. Caroline Stephens

36.Lucy Felthouse

37. Rick Reed

38. Jay Bell

39. Lori Toland

40. Larry Benjamin

41. Fierce Dolan

42. Margie Church

43. Barbara Winkes

44. Kaje Harper

45. Madison Parker

46. Liz Strange

47. Ryal Woods

48. Cameron Lawton

49. Whitely Grey

50. Helen Pattskyn

51. Z.A. Maxfield

52. S.A. McAuley

53. Marie Sexton

54. Julia Talbot

55. Caitlin Ricci

56. Vona Logan

57. Michael Thomas

58. Kissa Starling

59. Megan Derr

60. Less Than Three Press, LLC

61.Penny Brandon

62. Sasha Miller

63. Kelly Wrye

64. H.J. Raine

65. Elizabeth Noble

66. Ryan Loveless

67. Coffey Brown

68. PD Singer

69. K-lee Klein

70. Erica Pike

71. Adriana Kraft

72. Sean Michael