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Desires Guardian: Update

Thought I’d update everyone on "Desires Guardian," WIP #2 in the Desires Entwined series. "Desires Guardian" is the journey of Chase Manning and Rhys Sayer to find faith in love and in each other.


Word Count: 12,083


His back against the wall, Rhys grasped to process what just happened. Chase pinned him in place with nothing more than a look and a growl. Faint puffs of cinnamon scented breath ghosted over his face when Chase pulled his head down to almost meet his. Along with the Antaeus that Chase always wore, it served to almost bring him to his knees.

Chase’s hand slid up from his neck to tangle with his shoulder length hair. He pulled sharply eliciting a gasp from Rhys. "For tonight only you and I exist. We do things my way or not at all. Your body is mine. Your pleasure is mine. Am I understood?"

Unprepared for Chase to take control in such a way all he could manage was a small nod. Rhys had fantasized about Chase so many times but had always made sure to keep his walls up between them, but right then, he couldn’t remember why. For such a diminutive man, his dominance and strength had his cock diamond hard and twitching where it was trapped in his jeans.

Chase touched his lips against Rhys but the hold he had on Rhys’ hair kept it where he couldn’t move into the touch. “I need to hear you, Rhys,” Chase murmured against his lips.

“Please,” was all he managed to push out.