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Caring for Eric Arvin…

Anyone who follows the M/M genre closely will know that one of our own is currently in the hospital in pretty bad shape. Our group of friends immediately deployed, booking hotel rooms pooling money to help defray the costs of hotels, food, and travel. We were working to ensure Tj and the rest of Eric’s family will be supported by keeping one or two people at the hospital at all times for the next few days. Additionally, we are trying to ensure Tj has a place to stay near the hospital, as it is not in their hometown.

But we found out today his stay is going to be a lengthy one, and we’ve realized it’s not possible for us to maintain this level of friendship badassery for very long, and we need to keep his family near him to keep his spirits up and aid in his recovery. So many people have sent messages offering to help in any way, we decided to set up a way to do so.

Any funds you donate are appreciated. They will be helping to defray the costs of keeping Tj and their family and friends nearby to help Tj and Eric. Furthermore, all excess will be going directly to Eric and Tj for their use in Eric’s recovery.

Thank you all for your outpouring of love and support. It means the world to the guys. All comments left here will be passed along to Eric and Tj.

Take a minute and find in yourself to help because we take care of our own. Every little bit helps!  Thank you. ♥

Contribute link: Medical Fund for Eric Arvin