Free Fiction Friday: Chances, Part 2

Morning all! Ready for a little more of “Chances”… Of course you are Winking smile

* * *

By the time he made it to the library, it was ten ‘til closing. He whipped into the parking lot, parked, and hustled inside as quick as he could manage.

Skidding to a stop at the front desk, Tucker flashed his best smile at the young man behind the long counter. “Hi, I’m Tucker Vance. I need to pick up a couple of books on hold for me.”

The pimply faced guy behind the desk looked up, a frown on his long, thin face. “Cuttin’ it kinda close mister, ain’t ya?”

“Sorry, traffic. If I can get my books, I’ll get out of your way.”

“Zeke, be nice,” a deep, melodious voice said from behind Tucker.

Free Fiction Friday: Chances, Part 1

Morning all! I’ve officially joined the Free Friday Fiction gang. :) Each week I’ll be posting a little more of “Chances”.

* * *

Tucker Vance stood in front of the large dark wood desk in the home he’d shared with Carl, his partn- ex-partner, for the last twelve years, staring at the stack of papers in front of him. With one more signature, their life would be dissolved and he would be free. Until recently that idea would have terrified him, but since he learned the truth of the man he’d loved, had thought loved him, he’d spent more time than not trying to come to terms with being alone again.

“Just sign the damn papers, Tuck.” Carl nudged the cheap Bic pen closer to the papers and scowled. “There’s no point to dragging this out and you know it. It’s over.”

Oh, he knew it was over. Coming home to find his long-term lover in bed with another man was not something he was likely to ever forgive, especially not with Carl yelling at him for interrupting them with his “hysterics”. “It’s been over, Carl. It’s just hard to sign away my home like this,” Tucker said, gesturing to the papers and the only other person in the room, a notary.

“You can get a new one, now sign the fuckin’ papers and get out.” The sneer was more pronounced than before, not that Tucker cared. He still didn’t understand why Carl had done this, especially this way.