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A Thank You Letter from me to those I met at GRL


Now that I’m more alive and recovered from GRL, I have a couple of things I want to say. Don’t worry, they’re good things, promise.

I tend to be more withdrawn the more I lose my self mobility. Being put on crutches 7 years ago was bad enough–the way people changed in how they treated me was heartbreaking! I stopped being a person and became the ‘sticks’ :'(

This summer I went from sticks to a wheelchair and have gotten SO much crap since that I was honestly nervous how people at GRL would react. (Since not using sticks the attitudes of many have gotten worse, yelling as if I can’t hear them otherwise, talking r-e-a-l-l-y s–l–o–w…, ignoring if I need help getting a door open (you’d be amazed how hard that can be even at places that claim to be wheelchair accessible) etc., or one of my personal favs… taking over control of my chair without asking—I’ve been hurt twice that way in the last two months.)…

Well, I can now say with 100% conviction that the people at GRL are some of the most wonderful, patient, and loving people I’ve ever met! Everyone was super friendly and helpful ((OMG the ramps in that hotel grrrr)). No one was anything but helpful, even driving me around or in one case *you know who you are, you wonderful woman* made it where I could use my electric wheelchair instead of the manual as the place was too spread out, too steep, etc.

Ya’ll have given me hope in humanity, hope that there really are caring people out there that can see past the sticks, past the chairs and other devices, to see who we are and not find us wanting!

Thanks to everyone I met! Ya’ll are wonderful, special, (and HOT) people and <3 u all!


p.s. And to those that made it possible for me to sit down at the fire and play Cards Against Humanity (and for me to get back into my chair after) *happy tears* you made my whole month! Thanks so much!