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“A Gift For A Lifetime” My story for Vicktor’s Birthday eXXXtravaganza

When I found out Vicktor’s birthday was soon, I was thrilled to write something for his Birthday eXXXtravaganza. I hope you like what Vick inspired 😉 (Oh, and one lucky commenter over at Vick’s site, will win a special birthday gift!…)

A Gift For A Lifetime

by Tempeste O’Riley

Pacing the floor wasn’t conducive to much, but Pete couldn’t seem to stop. He hated birthdays, especially when it was his own. Somehow, and he still couldn’t figure out how, but his best friend, the guy he learned about sex, kink, and more from, had conned him into going out for dinner with some friends. Pete didn’t know all of Jase’s friends, Jase being infinitely more social and outgoing, but Pete had never been good at saying no to his friend.

He paused long enough to look out the front window of his home, again, and scowled when he didn’t find Jase’s car out front. Not that it surprised him. No, Jase was annoyingly punctual; he was never early or late to anywhere. Pete had never figured out how the man did it, but right then, he didn’t overly care. He’d already picked up his cell a dozen times, wanting to call—though text wouldn’t let Jase use guilt quite as effectively—and cancel.

Resuming his strides across the living room floor, and back, Pete wondered where they were going. That was one of the little details Jase had refused to give, and as usual, when he’d used his “Dom” voice, Pete had backed off and consented to the “surprise” destination. All he’d managed to get out of his friend was how he should dress—black slacks, a pale gray button-down silk shirt. No jewelry. The last instruction was the one that bugged Pete the most. He always wore his nipple rings, even though he hadn’t been with anyone for over a year. The only other piece he usually wore was a ring; one Jase himself had given Pete years ago, back when they occasionally played together. It wasn’t a big deal, as they’d never been a true couple, but it felt weird not to wear anything.

Still, he couldn’t imagine why the weird requests or why this year they had to go out. Usually, Jase only forced a private dinner and a couple of gifts on Pete, knowing how much he hated his birthday. The reason for his hatred tried to push to the surface, but Pete beat it into submission and forced it back behind the door he kept all his past hurts.

Stopping again, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, releasing it slowly as he counted from ten to one. He’d learned long ago to focus and count so his natural edginess didn’t get to him. Well, not as much, at least. He just hoped Jase hurried up and the night could pass quickly and quietly.

Ha! Yeah, quiet wasn’t Jase’s way, but still, he could hope.

The loud hoot of Jase’s horn pulled him out of his musings, and while he expected the honk, it still made him jump. Swallowing his nerves, Pete grabbed his pea coat and headed out the door, locking it before stepping off the front stoop and hurrying over to Jase’s Cruze—Iridescent Pearl Cruze, he was fussy about color names.

When he opened the passenger door, Jase leaned over and grinned wide. “Hey, Petey, hurry up. You’re letting the heat out.”

“Yeah, yeah, bite me,” he quipped, smiling despite his worry.

“Nah, not tonight. But hey, the nights still young, you might find someone who’s into that.”