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2013 Wrap-up / 2014 Plans


So, I thought I’d share a little wrap up review of 2013 and tell you about some of my writing goals for next year.

Now, as to my 2013 Goals… Some I met, and :c( some I didn’t. But don’t worry, they aren’t being forgotten, just pushed back a little.

  • Designs of Desire – not only found a home (Thank you DSP!) but was released in ebook and print July 2013 and as an audiobook Dec 2013! How’s that for a debut!
  • Desires’ Guardian – Completed and submitted! Yes!
  • Signs of Desire – Is on my plan for this summer actually. So look to head more about it in July.
  • Temptations of Desire – Contracted! Yes!!
  • Tags of Desire – Will be my NaNo project for 2014.

Also, I’ve submitted 2 short stories to DSP Anthologies!

  • Truth in Lace (Harmony Ink, First Time Anthology) – Completed and submitted!
  • Just Deserts (DSP, Juicy Bits Anthology) – Completed and submitted!

Now, what about 2014, you ask?…

I hope to see Desires’ Guardian, Truth in Lace, and Just Deserts published in 2014.

Temptations of Desire will be out June/July 2014

I am hard at work already planning the basics for my first project for the new year. Dreamer’s Destiny is a standalone novel sharing the story of Cameron and Liam as they find their way to each other.

Also, I will be writing Signs of Desire and Tags of Desire, as mentioned above, plus possibly a couple of other shorts/novella lengths stories… have to wait and see ;c)

Oh…. and I’ll be at GayRomLit 2014: Chicago too! So excited.