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      Who knew a welcome to the neighborhood gift could give Keith and Jason their chance at love?   What determines who can be a sub?

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or a nice tall glass of iced tea, and enjoy the journey of each amazing character as they struggle to find their perfect match. None are perfect, just perfect for each other.

Tempeste O'Riley

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lease note: This website features tales of male/male erotic romance.

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Now out in #Audiobook by Tempeste O’Riley

Did you know that the first three books of the Desires Entwined series plus Caged Sanctuary are all audiobooks AND Whispersync ready? Desires’ Guardian and Temptations of Desire just came out! How sweet, right? I’m super excited and the voice, Jeff, is really a super nice guy (the good kind of nice, and the fun …

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Review Day Tuesday: Hidden Gem by Lissa Kasey

Please take me with you. Or kill me. Anything but leave me in this misery for one more day. Title: Hidden Gem Series: Hidden Gem, #1 Author: Lissa Kasey Cover Artist: Shobana Appavu Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Release Date: Sept 26, 2014 Genre: BDSM / Mystery/Suspense / Other Paranormal / Science Fiction / Werewolves/Shapeshifters Heat: You’ll …

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